Raiders WR Davante Adams Takes Subtle Jab at Josh McDaniels in Viral Clip

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Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams.

Time will tell whether or not Josh McDaniels truly deserved to be fired as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders but the players don’t seem too upset that he’s gone. The team lit cigars and partied in the locker room following their Week 9 win over the New York Giants.

Considering the Giants are arguably the worst team in the NFL right now, the only reason to celebrate would be McDaniels being shown the door. It doesn’t help that players keep making subtle comments about being happy he’s gone.

Star wide receiver Davante Adams attended a November 6 college basketball game at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. A referee for the game went up to Adams and praised the Raiders for his win.

“Loved to see you guys get back on that winning track yesterday,” the ref told Adams in a clip posted on X by Bleacher Report.

That’s when Adams dropped an interesting response.

“It’s going to be better now,” Adams said.

The implication of that quote is that things may not have gotten better had McDaniels kept his job. Adams has chosen his words very carefully about this situation but this comment would suggest that he’s happy the Raiders made a change and McDaniels wasn’t the right man for the job.

Davante Adams Praises Antonio Pierce

Raiders interim head coach Antonio Pierce is the polar opposite of Josh McDaniels. He’s a former player who is mostly concerned with motivating his players. He’s far less cerebral but that approach clearly wasn’t working.

Pierce may not end up being a great head coach but he’s off to a great start. He also has the support of Davante Adams, who had some high praise after the Raiders beat the Giants.

“We’ve got a new leader right now,” Adams said of Pierce in his November 5 postgame media availably. “And it’s somebody that we can get behind and somebody that played the game. So it makes it a lot easier for us to connect with him, because he understands the mind of a player and he’s done a really good job just making sure we understand that it’s not about him — it’s about this team. It’s about us figuring it out and getting behind him, obviously. And I feel like that’s what everybody did. That’s why it looked that way today.”

Tyree Wilson Talks Antonio Pierce’s Influence

The Raiders were clearly fired up to play against the Giants and it could be difficult to sustain that amount of energy as the season goes on. For now, the team is rallying behind Antonio Pierce. Rookie defensive end Tyree Wilson was only under Josh McDaniels for a short amount of time but he already sees stark differences.

“It feels a lot different,” Wilson said of Pierce’s influence, via ESPN. “A lot more energy, good vibes. Everybody wanted to go out there and put the past behind us and go out there and just ball collectively – offense, defense and special teams.

“Like AP said, ‘The biggest window in the car is the windshield,’ so you’ve got to keep looking forward, keep coming to work, keep wanting to get better as a team, and individually.”

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