Rather Than Protect Florida Citizens from a Politicized New York District Attorney, DeSantis Sides with His Handlers and His Stock Plummets

Ron DeSantis is failing quickly out of favor with Trump voters.  It is clear that he is listening to his handlers and consultants and NOT to his gut.  And it is costing him.

On Monday, two days after it was reported that a corrupt Soros-backed DA who lets criminals go in New York, is planning on arresting President Trump on bogus charges, Florida Governor DeSantis finally responded.  In his response, DeSantis made a dig at President Trump.  Many thought it was tacky and uncalled for.

John Fredricks thought DeSantis’s response to the Constitutional crisis was weak.

DC Draino was on the War Room to make his observations on DeSantis’s response to the destruction of the US Justice System by the corrupt Soros-funded politician in New York.

It’s clear that DeSantis is listening to his handlers. These Paul Ryan – Karl Rove-type consultants are leading DeSantis over a cliff.   By slamming President Trump at this pivitol point in history, he insults the American people.  The fact that he doesn’t see this is severely damaging to his aspirations to become US President.

The efforts by the corrupt DA in New York are unacceptable and a bastardization of the rule of law.  This is a political attack.  The communist Dems would not be concerned with Trump if they weren’t threatened by him.  This isn’t about the law it’s the opposite.  This is about saving America.

If DeSantis’s global consultants were smart they would encourage DeSantis to do his job.  His job is to protect the citizens in his state.  When a radical New York prosecutor attacks a Florida citizen on bogus made-up charges DeSantis has a duty to protect that citizen from the overreach of government.

DeSantis defend President Trump and kindly ask that New York Democrat activists to not enter his state and arrest his citizens on nonexistent crimes.  This would lift him up with the MAGA crowd and place him in a position of power.

But it’s unlikely DeSantis’s consultants have even thought of this.  If they did it’s too late.  It took them two days to come up with the garbage response he had on Monday.  This is not a good sign for Ron DeSantis and his future aspirations.

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