RAV’s Ben Bergquam Airs Invasion Footage From Tucson, AZ – Non-Stop Shuttles Full of Illegal Aliens From Hotel to Airport (VIDEO)

Ben Bergquam, host of RAV’s Law and Border, was in Tucson, Arizona on Thursday morning showing a group of illegals gathered in front of a hotel.

The illegals were gathered in front of the Best Western hotel in Tucson near the airport waiting for a van to pick them up. After a brief stay, these illegals will be flying to their destination cities in the U.S. Let that sink in for a moment.

“So I just came from the airport saw that van with the Hyatt Place tags on it followed it, comes out here to the Best Western and there is a massive line of people waiting to get on it,” Bergquam said.

Bergquam asked the groups in Spanish where they were from. They answered Guatemala, Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, and Ecuador. The various destinations they were going to were Houston, Colorado, Florida, Alabama, New York, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Ben: “There you go, Best Western, Tucson, just a stop on the journey to your neighborhood.”


This is the reality that Americans are living in. It is going from bad to worse because of the Biden regime and their failure to protect our southern border. Make no mistake about it, this is by design. They want to dismantle our nation as part of globalist ideology.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Wednesday Ben Bergquam at the Tucson airport. The terminal was filled with illegals getting ready to board their flights.

Bergquam was back at the Tucson airport on Tuesday. As he was preparing to fly to Miami for a Trump rally, he was showing just how bad the illegal alien situation at the airport is because of Joe Biden.

He said that the Tucson airport is packed because of the number of illegals flying out to their destination cities. The line behind him is for illegals to go through security. He encouraged people not to fly out of Tucson.

Ben: “Paying full price, while they use our tax dollars to invade our country.” “TSA takes twice as long because we have a special line specifically for illegals coming through.”


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