Rep. Miller-Meeks Claims She Received “Credible Death Threats and a Barrage of Threatening Calls” Following Her Vote Against Jim Jordan

At a time when the Republican Party should be unifying against the concerning policies of the Biden regime, the RINOs appear to be creating a civil war within the party.

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA 1st District) found herself at the center of a divisive controversy for her decision to withdraw her initial support for Jim Jordan’s candidacy for Speaker of the House and instead vote for Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Kay Granger ((R-TX 12th District).

Rep. Miller-Meeks is one of the 22 RINOs who voted against Jim Jordan during the second vote.

The congresswoman released a statement claiming she received credible death threats and a barrage of threatening calls following her vote against Jim Jordan.

In the statement, Miller-Meeks disclosed that she initially cast her vote in support of Rep. Jim Jordan’s candidacy for the Speaker of the House position. She described her initial vote as being for the “greater good of the House Republican party,” and that it was based on both a conference meeting and a test Speaker ballot cast earlier in the week.

“Yesterday, I voted to support Jim Jordan’s candidacy for Speaker of the House. I voted for Jim Jordan for the greater good of the House Republican party, based on our Conference meeting and the test Speaker ballot that was cast earlier this week,” said Miller-Meeks in the statement released Wednesday.

Despite her initial support for Jordan, Miller-Meeks said that her concerns about “threatening tactics” from supporters of Jim Jordan, including fellow members of Congress, increased after the first round of votes was tallied. According to her, despite assurances to the contrary, Jordan was unable to secure enough votes for the Speaker nomination.

“However, after one round of votes, with my support, he was not able to secure enough votes for the Speaker nomination, and my initial concerns about threatening tactics of Jim Jordan’s supporters, including from members of Congress, increased despite assurances,” the statement read.

“Today, it became abundantly clear early in the roll call vote, that Jim Jordan still did not have the votes necessary to become Speaker. Given the concerns I had before any vote and the ability of the speaker designee to unify the conference, I voted in support of Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Kay Granger to serve as Speaker of the House,” she said.

Miller-Meeks revealed that she has received “credible death threats” and a slew of threatening calls since her vote in favor of Chairwoman Granger. She noted that the proper authorities have been notified and her office is cooperating fully with ongoing investigations.

“One thing I cannot stomach, or support, is a bully,” she said in the statement. “Someone who threatens another with bodily harm or tries to suppress differing opinions undermines opportunity for unity and regard for freedom of speech.”

“I did not stand for bullies before I voted for Chairwoman Granger and when I voted for Speaker designee Jordan, and I will not bend to bullies now.”

“I understand that voting against Rep Jordan is not popular at this time. I respected Jim enough to vote for him, knowing he did not have the votes to be elected. We have had numerous calls to all our offices, and many have urged that I support Jim Jordan and many others urged me to look for a conservative consensus candidate.”

“Our party needs a consensus candidate so we can get back to the work forwarding appropriations, supporting Israel, and stopping the insane policies of the Biden Administration. Policies that are causing sky high prices and interest rates, an invasion of our southern border, undermining our national security, and bringing countless pounds of fentanyl and other illegal drugs into our country,” Miller-Meeks concluded in her statement.

According to other reports, several GOP sell-outs are receiving death threats for obeying their lobbyist donors more than Republican voters.

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