Rep. Tim Burchett Says $6 Billion of the Foreign Aid Passed By House Will Enrich Pro-Hamas NGOs (Video)

Rep. Tim Burchett/ Image: Video screenshot

On Saturday, the House of Representatives passed three bills to fund $95 billion in foreign aid, including an additional $60.84 billion to Ukraine.

The bill also included $26.3 billion in assistance to Israel.

According to Congressman Tim Burchett (R-TN), however, $6 billion of the aid earmarked for Israel will end up in the hands of pro-Hamas NGOs.

Burchett shared on social media, “One of the more troubling bills is the Israeli aid. But unfortunately, it had about $6 billion in there going to Hamas, we think, to these NGOs, non-government organizations.”

“So, it’s a rough day for the taxpayers… 96 billion dollars that we do not have, that we are borrowing.”


The Gateway Pundit has reported on the funding of NGOs that support the brutal terror organization Hamas.

NGO Monitor has also been closely tracking how these far-left NGOs supported the barbaric Hamas terror attack on Oct. 7.

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