Report: Biden Tapping Brakes on Push for EVs

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Democrat’s green scheme facing headwinds in key state

The politics of forcing Americans to buy expensive and sometimes unreliable electric vehicles, along with the reality that consumers just won’t go along, have prompted Joe Biden to give up at least a portion of his green ideology, the goal to abruptly change American’s transportation away from internal combustion engines.

A report from Business Insider said his agenda-driven administration is planning to back off federal rules that require the construction and sales of more and more EVs.

Now, the report said, automakers might not have to reach 60% EV production benchmark until 2030.

The reality is that demand for those vehicles, given their reliability, range, charging, expense and other issues, has plunged in recent months.

Business Insider said, “The incoming revision comes amid continuing pressure from car companies and the United Auto Workers union to ease the requirements as well as loud criticism from Republicans and their presidential candidate frontrunner Donald Trump.”

Even Shawn Fain, United Auto Workers chief, which endorsed Biden, has “expressed concern” about the short time frame Biden had demanded earlier for the entire industry, an all consumers, to change over.

Business Insider pointed out that the demand for EVs, “pulled back” drastically in 2023.

In fact, dealers have been “turning away” their allocations of electric cars because they were not seeing the sales keep up with supply.

Fox News commentator Liz Peek had some thoughts on the scheming by Biden to force Americans into EVs, then pull back on that campaign in order to try to win another four years in control of America.

“Surprise! Joe Biden is running away from his push for electric vehicles – arguably his most important climate program — as fast as his 81-year-old legs can carry him. Common sense and sinking polls in Michigan have broken through Biden’s climate panic; it’s about time.”

She also noted there was the factor from BYD, China’s leader maker of electric cars.

She explained, “The New York Times, favored errand boy for the Biden White House, delivered the head-spinning turnaround on Sunday of a holiday weekend, under the radar. In essence, Biden has extended the timetable for lowering tailpipe emissions several years into the future, a backtracking sure to infuriate the climate lobby and especially climate-obsessed young voters. The president’s standing with that latter cohort is already shrinking; a recent poll showed Donald Trump running ahead of Biden with registered voters under the age of 35.”

The Times had outlines Biden’s new plans to “relax” EPA demands for emission limits.

Peek pointed out, “The EPA celebrated the tripling of EV sales during Biden’s presidency and the building of 130,000 charging stations. That sounds impressive except that electrics represented less than 8% of all new car sales last year and the U.S. will need an estimated two million charging ports by 2030.

Further, California already has been forced to issue advisories to electric car owners not to charge their vehicles at certain times because the state’s electric grid cannot handle the load.

And it as Cox Automotive that reported the average price for a new EV was nearly $51,000, when the “old-fashioned gas guzzlers” were going for an average of $34,000.

Further, Peek noted the “Reports of cold weather hindering charging operations and battery lives being drained by sub-freezing temperatures have further squelched enthusiasm.”

Automakers were losing their shirts, with Ford taking a hit of $36,000 for “each” EV it made.

“Those issues have not swayed a White House consumed by climate alarmism. What has gotten their attention is the political risk of losing Michigan, a critical swing state. A recent Fox News survey shows Trump leading Biden 47 percent to 45 percent in the Wolverine state. The Real Clear Politics average of Michigan polls shows Trump ahead by 5 points.”

Her own networks’s newest polling shows 6% of 2020 Biden voters have switched their preference to Trump, enough to change the outcome of an election.

Biden also faces new opposition from the state’s large Arab-American population, whose members are charging Biden has failed to meet their demands regarding the Hamas terror war the Gaza-based organization launched against Israel.

Rank-and-file auto workers also are alarmed by Biden’s EV push, since it takes fewer worker-hours to make them.

And there are the Chinese products, which have been selling more than Tesla around the world, and might soon be made in Mexico, meaning they could be imported economically.

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