REPORT: City of Seattle Now Recruiting Illegal Immigrants to Become Police Officers

The city of Seattle is now recruiting DACA recipients (illegal immigrants) to become police officers.

Leaders of the city defunded and demoralized the police, then when people finally came to their senses and no one could find a police officer when they needed one, the city began to try to recruit new police but found few takers.

This is their latest attempt to fix their self-imposed problem.

Jason Rantz reported at KTTH Radio:

Seattle Police Department recruiting DACA recipients to be cops

Faced with an unprecedented shortage of officers, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) is actively recruiting recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival Status (DACA) to become cops. It’s possible thanks to bipartisan legislation that went into effect on June 6.

Senate Bill 6157 allows DACA recipients to apply for civil service jobs across Washington State. These include police officer, firefighter and sheriff’s deputies. Prior to the legislation, they were prohibited from holding these positions.

The bill is getting renewed scrutiny after a LinkedIn job application post from the SPD for DACA recipients started receiving attention. The ad explains the SPD “is now accepting applications from DACA recipients! Apply Now!”

Seattle is not alone in hiring DACA recipients for police positions. Earlier in the year, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) made the same move. They even altered its written firearms policy to allow DACA cops to carry a firearm while off-duty.

This has ‘bad idea’ written all over it.

This is beyond woke. It’s insanity.

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