REPORT: CNN Hack Journalist ‘Visibly Shaken’ After Network Chief Scolds Him for Being Too Emotional in Coverage of Trump Town Hall

CNN chief Chris Licht reportedly scolded far-left ‘journalist’ Oliver Darcy for being too emotional in his coverage of the network’s town hall event with Trump.

Darcy released his Reliable Sources newsletter, whining about the debate 15 minutes after CNN released a statement essentially bragging about the event.

Darcy was reportedly ‘visibly shaken’ over this exchange.

Prior to joining CNN, Darcy worked for conservative outlets like The Blaze and the Daily Caller, but since joining CNN, has become a major mouthpiece for the far left in pushing lies about Russian collusion and focusing his attention on smearing Trump and conservatives.

FOX News reports:

Reporter ‘visibly shaken’ after CNN boss scolds him for being ‘too emotional’ in Trump town hall coverage

CNN’s left-wing media reporter Oliver Darcy was scolded by his boss Chris Licht over his “emotional” coverage of the network’s Wednesday town hall with former President Trump.

Fox News Digital confirmed that Darcy was summoned for a meeting with Licht and other top CNN executives, who took exception to the overzealous framing of the fallout the network has received, particularly from liberals.

Darcy appeared to join the choir of CNN criticism in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter Wednesday night after the town hall.

“It can’t be based on emotion, it’s got to be based on fact,” a source familiar with Licht’s thinking told Fox News Digital about Darcy’s reporting.

The source said Licht received a “ton” of messages from CNN staffers appalled by Darcy’s newsletter, which emphasizes how CNN and Licht were facing tense backlash “internally” as well as externally.

Mediaite has more:

“Darcy stood by his work and pushed back on the ‘emotional’ characterization, one source with knowledge of the meeting said. But afterward two sources who heard about the meeting described him as visibly shaken,” Byers reported.

“They put the fear of God into him,” Byers reported another source saying. Darcy took over Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources newsletter after Licht ousted Stelter at the network.

This is consistent with Anderson Cooper’s bizarre meltdown over the event.

These people aren’t journalists, they’re left-wing activists who see themselves as part of the anti-Trump ‘resist’ movement.

They have no business reporting news.

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