Report: High Ranking Muslims at Biden White House Are Strongly Considering Resigning – “Islamophobes are Targeting Them” (VIDEO)

FOX and Friends morning cohost Lawrence Jones broke the news this morning that several high-ranking Muslim officials in the Biden administration are considering resigning over his Israel policies, etc.

A new report from The Daily Beast suggests high-ranking Muslim officials in the Biden White House are considering resigning. They say their communities are frustrated with him and “Islamophobes are targeting them and questioning their loyalties.”

This comes after Joe Biden returns from a disastrous trip to Israel and the Mideast where Muslim leaders refused to meet with him and Biden pushed Hamas to shoot straight with their rockets. Apparently, he’s hoping Hamas hits their targets and kills more Jews?

Could you imagine if ANY Republican made such a comment?

The best part is the Muslims accusing the Biden regime of being Islamophobes. What exactly do they mean by that?

Via Midnight Rider.

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