Research Paper Warns Biden’s ESG Farming Campaign will Cost Consumers $1,300 More a Year

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Think tank concludes his campaign will push up cost of eating

It is estimated that Joe Biden’s “global warming” plans for America’s farm industry will push cheese costs for consumers up 78%.

And beef will go up 70%. And rice 56%. And chicken 39%. And eggs 36%.

“A typical family-of-four would have to spend an extra $1,300 per year to put food on the table,” according to a new report cited by the Daily Mail.

The details come from document from researchers at the Buckey Institute, a free-market think tank based in Ohio.

The group warns that Biden’s agenda includes much higher costs for diesel, propane, fertilizer and more.

The Mail describes the Biden ideas as a “European-style climate policy,” warning, “Farmers will push these costs on to consumers — meaning cheese, beef, and other everyday basics will cost as much as 80 percent more, raising a family-of-four’s annual grocery spend by $1,300.”

The authors of the report, Trevor Lewis and M. Ankith Reddy, noted, “‘Federal policymakers are pursuing expensive climate-control and emissions policies that have largely failed in Europe.”

Activists on the issue of climate change, which was “global warming” until the warming stopped, contend that farming hurts the environment, largely because of pesticides and fertilizers, and the release of methane by livestock.

Their conclusion is that farmers must lower their emissions – or they’ll face “droughts, fires, floods, and other extreme weather events.”

That’s even though those “extreme” weather events haven’t been increasing while the global warming activists say the temperatures are climbing.

The paper points to Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, the Paris Climate Accords, and his propensity for pursuing agendas that are “socially” correct, such as his “environmental, social and governance standards.”

The report noted “climate” policies pushed nitrogen fertilizer, diesel and propane – all needed on farms, up 34%.

To illustrate this, they created a model of a hypothetical corn farm that had to abide by new federal environmental regulations and standards.

“‘Oil and gas producers, chemical companies and the American farm will likely shoulder the heaviest compliance burden,” the study said.

The report warned that would be on top of the double-digit inflation American consumers have faced under Biden’s economic policies, which have surged prices some 17% or more.

“Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller said it the report “confirms pir greatest fears about ESG investing.”

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