Revealed: Court Document Release Indicates Jack Smith and FBI Were After Obama and North Korea-Related Documents in Mar-a-Lago Raid

Guest post by Joe Hoft at – republished with permission.

Newly unredacted documents in the Mar-a-Lago raid case indicate that Jack Smith was after Obama and North Korea-related documents.

After the raid the DOJ was pleased with their findings and wrote, “I think we are in good shape.”

President Trump said two years after he met Obama before his 2017 Inauguration that Obama was on the brink of starting a war with North Korea. Trump claimed that Obama was “close to starting a big war” with North Korea.

Obama must not have liked this.

The corrupt and criminal Obama/Biden gang was after documents related to North Korea years later when it raided President Trump’s iconic home of Mar-a-Lago and took President Trump’s documents that he legally had possession of per the Presidential Records Act.

Julie Kelly touched upon this in the latest revelations coming out of the corrupt Biden/Obama/Jack Smith classified documents case against President Trump. The latest unredacted documents that Jack Smith argued not to release show that the Obama/Biden gang was working with multiple government organizations to set up President Trump.

But there is more. Per a document released this week after months of fighting to make the documents available to the American Public, there is a clue as to what the corrupt Biden/Obama gang was after in its raid of Mar-a-Lago. Not only did the regime want to take back all documents that President Trump had possession of that highlighted their crimes, but the regime wanted another key document or set of documents as well.

The corrupt and criminal Biden/Obama regime had to conjure up a reason for why they raided President Trump’s home and stole his documents. They apparently had their reason outlined before they raided President Trump’s home and stole documents he legally had in his possession per the Presidential Records Act.

In the document below there is a clue:

The first document above is a report that was generated after the raid that provides a clue as to what they were after – and it’s not only the accordion folder of Deep State crimes.

“There is one accordian [sp] folder in the mess so it stood out. It contained, among other things, the Obama letter and North Korea correspondence. We need to verify that all of the correspondence is there. But I think we are in good shape.”

The DOJ writes “I think we are in good shape”.

We can guess but based on the corrupt Biden/Obama DOJ’s actions to date, we know that for this regime to believe they were “in good shape”, they were either happy about what they obtained that removed the risk of their crimes being exposed, or they were happy about obtaining documents they were going to use to set up President Trump (North Korea communications), or both.

Why was the DOJ so intent on obtaining Obama and North Korea related documents from President Trump’s home?

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