REVEALED: Joe Biden’s New Dog Has “Repeatedly Attacked” Secret Service Agents – One Agent Was Bitten So Badly He Needed Hospital Treatment

Credit: New York Post

Is there no “adult” in the Biden Crime Family training these animals or are they lashing out due to neglectful treatment from their owners?

The New York Post exclusively reported that Joe Biden’s newest pet, an almost two-year-old German Shepard named Commander, has been biting secret service agents right and left.

Just two years ago, Joe and Jill’s other German Shepard dog Major was involved in a series of attacks against the agents. The White House later said they gave Major away to family friends.

It was later revealed that Joe called one of the agents a liar when he said Major bit him.

There have been seven known attacks against the people sworn to protect our so-called president from September 2022 to January by Commander. That is almost two biting incidents a month.

One Secret Service agent was injured so badly by the dog he was sent to the hospital. Here’s how the Post described this incident:

In the most serious documented incident involving Commander, the White House physician’s office on Nov. 3, 2022, referred a bitten Secret Service uniformed officer to a local hospital for treatment after the dog clamped down on their arm and thigh while the officer was seated on the stairs according to emails released under the Freedom of Information Act to conservative legal group Judicial Watch.

Commander “came down the stairs and walked toward” them, according to an internal agency email.

Another officer reported that the attack victim reported “a considerable amount of pain” and said that they were forced to use a steel cart to shield against further attack.

The dog, unprovoked, reportedly bit the officer’s arm on the tricep area — and, when the officer stood up, chomped down on their quad muscle area on the leg.

The Post notes that these attacks on Secret Service agents are likely just the tip of the iceberg because they do not cover Commander’s initial nine months at the White House or the most recent six-month window of time.

Judicial Watch Director Tom Fitton says these revelations involving Biden and his dog should raise alarm bells regarding Biden’s relationship with the Secret Service.

These shocking records raise fundamental questions about President Biden and the Secret Service.

This is a special sort of craziness and corruption where a president would allow his dog to repeatedly attack and bite Secret Service and White House personnel. And rather than protect its agents, the Secret Service tried to illegally hide documents about the abuse of its agents and officers by the Biden family.

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