RINO Bacon Says Jim Jordan is Done and Needs to ‘Withdraw’ from Speaker Race – Hopes McCarthy Detractors ‘Learn a Lesson’ (VIDEO)

Screenshot: CNN/Youtube

On Wednesday, RINO Don Bacon (R-NE) voiced strong opinions on CNN’s “The Lead” regarding the ongoing Speaker of the House race involving Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan.

Stating that Jordan “doesn’t have a pathway forward to 217 [votes],” Bacon urged Jordan to withdraw his candidacy. He also hoped that the eight House members who had disrupted Kevin McCarthy’s bid for the Speaker’s position would learn a lesson from their experience.

Bacon also claimed that his wife had been the target of anonymous text messages pressuring him to back Jordan. One tex said, “Your husband will not hold any political office ever again. What a disappointment and failure he is.”

Source: CNN

During the interview, anchor Jake Tapper raised questions about Jordan’s decreasing support. He asked Bacon, “In fact, Jordan is doing worse than he did yesterday. He had fewer votes than he did yesterday. A spokesman for Jordan said he’s not dropping out. We’re going to ‘keep going.’ Do you see Jordan getting to 217 any time soon, or do you think he will keep doing worse and worse?”

Bacon responded, “I believe he’s done. He needs to withdraw from this. He’s going to lose more votes tomorrow. I know it. I know who is going to cross over and change. He doesn’t have a pathway forward to 217.”

Bacon outlined two key areas of concern that led him to his stance against Jordan, but conservatives all know that’s not it.

“There’s two different reasons why. We have some group that worked with him going back ten years. They worked with him on appropriations, more senior folks. He’s created a lot of chaos. I’m in the other camp where I don’t like how he got here.”

He elaborated on his frustrations with Jordan and his supporters, referring to an incident when five of Jordan’s allies stated they would never vote for Steve Scalise as Speaker.

“The straw that broke my camel’s back was when five Jordan folks said they would never vote for Steve when he won the majority. Jim was there, and he didn’t speak up, which means he is somewhat complicit.”


When questioned about the external pressures weighing in on the Speaker’s race, including significant support for Jordan from Fox News commentators and former President Donald Trump, Bacon stated that he would not bend to public pressure and those McCarthy detractors should learn a lesson, according to Nebraska Examiner.

“His supporters dethroned Kevin McCarthy as Speaker with eight people, and we have a four-seat majority,” Bacon stated. He went on to mention that this minority faction within the GOP, including Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz and others, had ousted McCarthy despite the broader will of the majority of House Republicans. “Then when we voted for Steve Scalise … five of the Jordan guys … said they would only support Jim Jordan.”

A peaceful assembly outside Congressman Don Bacon’s Omaha office is scheduled today.

“See you there, Nebraska Patriots! Let’s show DACA Don what true grassroots activism looks like!” reads the latest message from the Coalition. Urging constituents from Nebraska’s Second District to assemble peacefully outside Congressman Bacon’s Omaha and Wahoo District Offices, the goal is: Encourage Don Bacon to VOTE YES on JIM JORDAN for Speaker of the House.

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