Ryzen 8000: The World’s First CPU for AI PCs

AMD’s Phoenix line of Ryzen 8000 processors are the world’s first desktop CPUs with an integrated high-performance Neural Processing Unit (NPU) engine to boost performance in AI workloads, beating Intel to the punch again — AMD was also the first x86 chipmaker to bring an NPU to laptops, helping advance and define the new concept of AI PCs.

AMD pairs this ‘XDNA’ AI accelerator with the powerful Zen 4 CPU microarchitecture and the RDNA 3 graphics engine to forge the flagship models, while two lower-tier models round out the stack, combining to create compelling lower-cost solutions for entry-level gaming and small form factor builds with Zen 4c cores. The new chips came to market on January 31.

Will AMD succeed? Will the AI PC take off? Tom’s Hardware is your guide to this pivotal new innovation.

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