Sabres anthem singer forgets words to ‘O Canada,’ starts improvising … poorly

It’s only natural to guess some of the words when you can’t quite remember a song in the shower, but it’s extremely bad when you’re the anthem singer for a professional hockey team and you’ve forgotten the words to 50 percent of the anthems you’re required to remember.

The Sabres faced the Bruins on Tuesday night, which is bad enough in isolation when you’re taking on a Boston juggernaut that’s 11-2-1 on the year — but it got so much worse when the pre-game ceremonies featured a Canadian anthem with made up lyrics.

“With glowing hearts we see thee rise
The True North strong and free!
Oh Canada, we stand our eyes
We stand on guard for thee.”

Can you spot the problem here? Yep, believe it or not there isn’t a line in ‘O Canada’ about standing on eyes. The actual line is “From far and wide,” but the damage was done.

This father had to try to explain to his kid why the anthem was ruined.

This definitely classifies as a “bad night at work” when your job is singing the anthem.

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