San Francisco: Clean For Xi, Not For Thee

Now wait just a damn minute…

For decades, and with increasing severity, residents of San Francisco have been forced to navigate through shit-covered streets, drug dens and criminal elements, all while the city feigned the inability to do anything about it (despite employing 6-figure ‘poop patrollers’ to regularly pressure-wash the sidewalks).

Now, with the announcement that the world’s top commie, Chinese President Xi Jinping, will meet with President Joe Biden in The Golden City, and San Francisco was miraculously able to clean itself up, seemingly overnight.

Needless to say, people are asking questions, as not only does San Francisco clearly have the capability to clean up its streets, it waited to do so until the president of China came to town.

Some locals say the homeless have just been ‘herded’ to a different part of town.

Others noted that San Francisco is treating a foreign leader better than their own citizens. 

Again, WTF!?


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