Seth Keshel Introduces Precinct Mapping Project to Save 2024 Election from Fraud – Here’s How You Can Help

Earlier this year Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit had the opportunity to interview Captain Seth Keshel on his work related to the 2020 Election and the anomalies he uncovered. Keshel examined the final vote counts in all 50 states compared to the estimated numbers based on changing state dynamics and trends to come up with his estimated voter fraud in each state.

In his analysis, he believes there were in excess of 8.1 million votes for Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

Seth Keshel recommended a list of 10 areas of focus on to ensure election integrity in 2024 and beyond.

On Sunday Captain Seth Keshel announced his precinct mapping project to save the 2024 election from Democrat Party fraud.

He included ways you can help!

From Captain K’s Corner on Substack:

Introducing the Precinct Mapping Project

In late 2021, with the help of a few friends, including researchers and a very talented mapper from Mississippi, I analyzed Maricopa County’s roughly 1,000 organized precincts and was able to discern from which areas fraudulent ballots were most likely cast in the 2020 election.  These phony ballots happened to win the county for the Democrat Party for the first time since Truman won it in 1948.  That map is below:

I have used it over and over again, along with the “scratch paper” holding the data, as a research tool to help analyze and impact election integrity work in the Grand Canyon State, which looms large for the 2024 race.  Soon after, I created a corresponding map of Arizona’s second largest county, Pima County.  After commencing the “Captain’s Battlegrounds” Rumble project with Paul Fleuret, I analyzed the remaining 13 counties, and my mapper came up with this beauty:

I can now spot enough fraudulent activity on reservations, like we see with the San Carlos reservation straddling Graham and Gila Counties, to have flipped Arizona to Trump without even touching Maricopa or Pima County, which contributed seven-ninths of the vote in the state together.

Why is the important, you may ask?  Because I can dig to the lowest level in the smallest counties and find major divergence of statistical trends that point to the areas most likely leveraged for mail-in and ballot harvesting fraud in the 2020 election, like in Blair County, Pennsylvania, which I estimated at 4,136 votes too high for Biden based on party registration trend, incumbent vote gain, population data, and the trend of the four preceding elections:

Those areas will absolutely be leveraged again, and knowing where they are gives those engaged in campaigning or investigating a clear operational picture.  I have completed many key counties across the nation, but Arizona is the only state I have completely mapped and stored all precinct data.  I am nearly done with Pennsylvania, which has been partially sponsored by Audit the Vote Pennsylvania.

After Pennsylvania, I am going to hit Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada hard, and will then shift focus to second tier “swing” states.  While I am running out of time to get the entire nation mapped, where data is available, I am reaching out to day to gage interest in sponsors for the rest of the states, which will allow me to pay the person digging up research, which involves contacting county workers, and my mapper, who I’ve been paying out of pocket far less than he deserves.

If you would like to sponsor a state, or states, please reach out to me via e-mail at [email protected]  I will work an estimate based on how much of this work is already completed, how long it will take, and how much mapping work will be required.

Or donate to Seth Keshel aon PalPal at @[email protected] or Venmo at @Seth-Keshel

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and your assistance in this crucial project.

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