Sharika Soal: America is Facing a National Security Crisis – The Rising Number of Gun Violence in the Black Community (VIDEO)

Guest post by Sharika Soal

America is facing a national security issue. A violent gun crisis in inner cities is now showing up in rural America, Not just in the form of illegal immigration, and I am sure those words sound familiar. Still, the subject of factual matter is often avoided due to DEI and liberal policies depicting any speech that addresses crime by races other than white as discriminatory. 

In 2021, the world saw a spike in gun violence, not just in schools where white children live but specifically in urban communities; however, it has become abundantly evident that liberal media has chosen to minimize this attack on American laws and civility being the norm. Recently, it was reported by the Giffords Law Center that “On average, more than 12,400 Black people die from gun violence each year, with 15,548 such deaths in 2021 alone—the highest number on record.” 

These numbers should be enough for any reputable Democrat or even liberal journalist like Joy Reid to understand and something that the majority should agree upon as far more critical than mean words exchanged by people of different races on social media, but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Although well-meaning Americans have tried to be understanding since 1865, when slavery ended, we have somehow ended up in a place we have been attempting to evolve from. By that, I mean anti-whiteness or what some call “black racism” is becoming a threat to everyone in America, especially the more vulnerable persons in non-black races.

When you continuously tell black Americans that if they incur police intervention, are poor, struggle with mental health, or are unemployed, like AOC and Cori Bush push on their platforms where they tell millions that it’s the fault of a white person, you create an environment that breeds aggression towards an entire race just for existing. 

Why is this a national security issue? Look back at the number of gun-related deaths in the black community and compare that to the number of school shootings. What you will find is one is more prevalent than the other. It doesn’t mean you are a bigot for understanding math.  Suppose a group of people who see themselves as “victims of white supremacy” have no issue attacking each other over basketball shoes and internet beef.

In that case, it’s not far-fetched to conclude these same people will not hesitate to strike anyone they see as the enemy. This has become increasingly apparent with the surge in TikTok videos and Twitter/X videos depicting black vs. non-black crime and the rising number of black women murdered by black males. The Guardian reported that in 2021, four black women were killed a day. When Obama came into office, liberal media went overtime covering stories of racism and police brutality. One thing Obama didn’t support was illegal immigration. Which is odd considering his political side expects Republicans to support it. 

France is an excellent example of what happens when government leaders coddle people who enter their country without intending to assimilate into the laws or culture. America’s problems are far more spiraling from the lack of transparency on spending in Ukraine.

Black D.A.’s are being propped up as authority figures who will take down “racist” former president Donald Trump and helping to fuel this mass turnabout where it is no longer the person of color that is being silenced, bullied, and beaten for who they are but the white American. The solution is simple, but it will take courage.

Place the burden of accountability back on the individual regardless of race. If an illegal immigrant chooses to travel hundreds of miles with a child and then decides to endanger that child’s well-being by crossing the border at an entry point marked as not a legal entry, the consequences are on that individual.

That person should be judged by their actions, not told it’s okay to put a child in harm’s way because white people exist in America. Immigration is rearing the ugly side in our faces every day. New York has recently had to swallow their pride and admit the “Everyone is welcome” spiel only works if everyone who shows up isn’t a violent criminal. Without these guidelines, you open yourself up to be conquered.

History repeats itself, and I hope Americans of all races can find the courage to separate actual racism from realistic solutions to secure the safety of law-abiding citizens. 

The political forum has two options. Continue to toe the line and mind the feelings of a few good people who happen to be nonwhite or grasp that a world we will no longer recognize is our future if you do not want all American states to become France or the hood in Chicago, honest conversations about immigration and race relations need to happen unapologetically.

Sharika Soal is a former celeb entertainment publicist and content creator most well known for her commentary on black culture and serving as a content curator for HuffPost. She has worked as a publicist for Interscope records artists, MTV, and VH1 personalities. She later founded her own PR company called LadySoal PR.

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