Sharika Soal: Dear Rep Jamaal Bowman, Your Plan For Reparations Is A Recipe For Chaos

Here we go again. Congressman Jamaal Bowman says we should give all black people, no matter what crimes they have committed, $14 trillion dollars in reparations, and all our boo-boos will go away.

Wow, how profound of Congressman Bowman to tell everyone how he will “give” $14 trillion dollars to the black community during a significant presidential election season. reports.

A New York lawmaker is calling for every black person in the US to receive $333,000 as reparations for slavery.

Jamaal Bowman is among nine backers of federal bill H.R. 414, which states there is a ‘moral and legal obligation’ to make restitution to the descendants of slaves.

The legislation would force the government to distribute $14 trillion between almost 42 million black Americans.

Every day, I am astonished by the performances of politicians solely elected on their race and how they continue to have their staff write press releases that only a 12-year-old would believe.

America, reparations would ultimately take what’s happening in the black community and exaggerate it by 1000. You might say that I am exaggerating, but let me explain how I came to this conclusive analysis over time

Gangs in the hood are primarily composed of black teens who are under the age of 25. When an adult is under 25, their decision-making and clear understanding of the long-term effects of their choices aren’t there, and it’s a blind spot. Impulsivity etc.

So imagine these gang members who already glorify robbing their communities as a way of life and part of their culture being told that all of a sudden, their neighbors all have $333,000 in their bank account. Not only that but every black person they knew would be assumed to be walking around with this large sum of cash.

Does Congress Bowman grasp that in areas where people are shot and targeted over less than $100, broadcasting to that entire demographic (those willing to commit robbery and theft) will cause extreme violence, specifically against women, people with disabilities, and older people in the communities? That’s rhetorical.

It’s rhetorical because liberal congress members already know this. This is why, in my opinion, they have never, to this day, released large sums of cash into the black community. Every bill in the Library of Congress has a section that outlines data supporting the bill’s chief aim. This data includes but is not limited to, the total amount of funds spent on crimes related to the bill.

Congress knows how dangerous black gangs in America are and how much they cost the American taxpayers every year. They know that sex trafficking is a massive source of violence against women in the black community, and this includes the exploitation of minors.

Additionally, have we even begun to think about the adverse reaction it might cause against black people who are law-abiding and productive from those who feel forced into this decision? If I were a white woman who lost my teenage child due to a group of violent black teens and then was told that part of my check would now go to this person and his entire family, as a mother, I would feel rage.

If you want to see chaos in America, then Congress Bowman deserves an award.

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