Sharika Soal: White Supremacy Isn’t America’s Biggest Threat To Modern Society — It’s Time For Some Honesty

With a deep sigh, I begin to write this op-ed.

I watched a TV segment clip the other day on the X platform; it was Ann Coulter and Bill Mahr.

Ann basically said that the reason no one was talking about the Kansas City Chiefs parade shooter was because the shooter wasn’t white.

Bill, a fully grown man, along with moderate Van Jones, sat there and pretended not to have any idea what Coulter was talking about.

It was disappointing to witness as an older black millennial

How are grown adults afraid to tell the truth? The shooters were ghetto thugs. When did saying the word “thug” become a violent act when Trick Daddy, a rapper featured on several Vh1 TV shows, put out a song titled “I’m a Thug.”

What exactly are we doing here? Does Bill Mahr or his studio producers think a bunch of gang bangers are going to kick down his studio doors and beat up his producers and audience for saying the shooting involved non-white individuals?

I am the mother to a teenage male growing up in America, and I can tell you right now that 14-year-olds aren’t that naive. My son is well aware of the over-the-top butt-kissing going on when it comes to how TV personalities talk about black violence.

Ebonics and glorifying drug dealing, pimping, and gang activity have real consequences on CULTURE. America’s culture is in a chokehold, and the hands belong to thugs who dress like they’re about to rob someone, and everyone is watching these individuals commit over half the violent crimes in America every day.

Ask yourself what is HALF of 200,000 violent crimes on the below FBI Chart?  Exactly. Black people who live a lifestyle that mirrors rap idols end up on this path, and it’s not entertainment when children end up in foster care homes and police lobbies because their parents were raided by the feds for gang activity.

FBI Violet crime by race

It’s time for honesty, not sitting on national TV clutching your pearls like you have no idea that gang bangers are violent!

Enough is enough, and America should really think deeply that it is a dark-skinned black woman who is saying this. We are programmed to protect the black man at all costs, but it has come to a point where protecting the community is bringing real harm to everyone around us and the children, so it must be said.

White supremacy is no longer the biggest threat to the black community. Black people are. Nothing will change until accountability is held.

Everyone else is in danger. This is the reality. These people have gone without confrontation for years due to the implication that any confrontation from white people would mean they are racist and a threat to our safety.

Is America the land of black gang privilege? Seems like it. No one gets to talk about them, honestly.

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