SHOCKING: Embalmer Finds “Strange White Fibrous Clots” in Dead Bodies | Elijah Schaffer’s Top 5 (VIDEO)

Welcome to The Gateway Pundit’s Week-in-Review with Elijah Schaffer where he covers the top 5 stories throughout the week in a quick recap.

STORY 1: Embalmer Shares Shocking Video of Removing “Strange White Fibrous Clots” from a Dead Body — “I Didn’t Start Seeing This Until Early 2021” (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

STORY 2:  BREAKING REPORT: Truckers Plan to Stop Shipments to NYC in Response to Political Hack Judge Engoron’s $350 Million Ruling Against Trump and His Sons (VIDEO)

STORY 3: WATCH: Moment Two Minor Teens Get Into Heated Exchange Before Shooting Up Kansas City Chiefs Parade

STORY 4: Four Out of Five Americans Test Positive for ‘Emerging Contaminant’ Found in Popular Cereal Brands: Study

STORY 5: Hohmann: The Second American Civil War Is Starting

Please leave your opinions / comments on these stories below as Elijah reads every single one and appreciates your perspective.

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