[SHOT 2023] Nocturn Industries Is Going Metal – Manticore and Samurai

At the beginning of the year we got a sneak peak at the Nocturn Industries UANVB-OC, aka the Samurai. Well they are branching out with more housings such as their metal Manticore and Chimera bridge.

Metal manticore

Nocturn Industries metal Manticore

Nocturn had their metal Manticore out on display. You can already see how it works. The Manticore is similar in function to their UANVB Katana. It has the same magnetic switching for the articulating pods and integrated IPD stops. However, instead of a single push button battery cap, there are four buttons on the front of the bridge. More importantly It has manual gain adjustment. It will use 11769 tubes and come with an adapter to use those tubes. However they need to be installed at the dealer level.

The metal Manticore housing will be machined aluminum and they are hoping to have them ready in 120 days. They also have plans to offer the Manticore in traditional injection molded polymer. Most likely a glass filled nylon somewhat like your PVS-14 housings. However that will more than likely take a bit longer as they need to get the molds made.

The UANVB-OCR aka Samurai will also be offered in machined aluminum and injection molded polymer. Nocturn Industries will continue to use additive manufacturing, specifically multi-jet fusion, for smaller run products like their battery packs for the UANVB-OC.

Besides the metal Manticore and UANVB-OCR samurai, Nocturn Industries had their Chimera quad tube prototype and Chimera legacy quad tube bridges.

My back up ANVIS10 pods on the Anvis10 compatible Chimera bridge.

QTNVG with matching Chimera bridge.

Nocturn is going to be releasing their Daisho, the bridge to combine two Tanto monoculars into a binocular goggle.

Last year Nocturn had their PVS-15 compatible Katana prototype. Well now they have a production unit that is fully functional.

Most of these products are projected to be released in 120 days or more. Here is the pricing:

  • Aluminum Katana $2024
  • Aluminum Samurai $2524
  • Aluminum Manticore $2424
  • Chimera bridge $2500
  • Daisho bridge $650

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