[SHOT 2023] Strike Industries 2023 Lineup

Like every year, Strike Industries comes out swinging with a cornucopia of new accessories. They are expanding into different weapon platforms as well as improving others. Let’s take a look at the Strike Industries 2023 Lineup.

I am sure you may have noticed the work in progress locked in a shadow box. They are exploring making a Mac11 but chambered in .22LR. Strike Industries just finished welding the receiver last week, according to their Marketing Specialist Danny.

Next up in the Strike Industries 2023 lineup is their Strike Modular Chassis (SMC) for the 10/22. They are hoping for a late Spring to early summer release and price is still to be determined (TBD).

Like their other SMC offerings, P320 chassis for example, comes with all the accessories in the kit. Besides the chassis itself the kit will come with a picatinny adapter so you can use compatible stocks like their dual folding stock.

The SMC 10/22 kit will have both length hand guards so you can keep it short for a Ruger Charger or have the extended rail for a rifle. You could use it with a suppressed Charger and tuck the can under the extension.

Did you notice the small box sitting on the picatinny rail? The Strike Industries 2023 lineup includes their Strike iHolder. It is a clam shell that bolts to a picatinny rail and you put an Apple AirTag inside.

The Strike iHolder is low profile and has a security style fastener. This makes it a bit more challenging for unwanted users from removing it. The Strike iHolder is made of polymer and will retail for $10.95. Apple AirTag not included. They are working on a pistol grip version for even more discrete storage of an Apple AirTag.

Strike Industries 2023 line up has an oldie but goodie, there Pit Stock but now they are making a polymer version. It will be cheaper but price is still TBD.

In the Strike Industries 2023 lineup they are making pistol grip adapters to attach AR pistol grips to guns that do not normally use AR pistol grips.

First up is an adapter to use flat top pistol grips on AK platforms.

Strike Industries will also be making an AR pistol grip adapter for the CZ Scorpion Evolution. This grip adapter allows the user to use either flat top or beavertail grips.

To heed the call of the consumer, Strike Industries 2023 lineup has made a stamped steel dust cover. It is a tool-less instal just like their polymer dust covers. ETA is summer and price is TBD.

Strike Industries 2023 lineup will venture into the KRISS Vector market with two new accessories. First up is a short handguard for the Vector. This is for Vector pistols or SBRs. It will retail for $109.95.

The Strike Vector Hanguard will fit the factory barrel shroud if you have the carbine. If this handguard is successful they will make a longer variant for the Vector Carbines.

Similar to the SMC 10/22, Strike Industries will be offering picatinny adapters for the Gen2 Vector upper receivers and give the shooter the option to add a picatinny rail.

The Strike Industries 2023 lineup also includes new accessories for the SMC for the P320. First up is their blast shield. This provides protection for your support thumb if you use compact slides and it adds some picatinny slots for adding a pistol light if you use the spare mag holder.  This blast shield is one picatinny slot too short for SureFire X300 like lights. But smaller micro lights will fit.

The Strike blast shield works with their SMC compensator. This compensator attaches to the chassis rather than using a threaded barrel.

Strike will also be making a longer compensator for the P320 SMC.

Last up for the SMC P320, they will be coming out with a back strap so you can swap out the picatinny back strap for a standard beavertail style.

Here is something interesting in the Strike Industries 2023 lineup. Strike is making their own steel P320 magazines. They are hoping to offer them for $20 cheaper than the OEM SIG P320 magazine prices.

They used a P320 base plate at SHOT Show to show their mags will have cross compatibility with any P320 magazine extension or baseplate.

The Strike Industries 2023 lineup has a lot of products. I am very excited for their rimfire Mac11 and hope they will mass produce it.

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