[SHOT 2024] TNW Firearms Aero 1911 ASR and Aero Survival Rifle LTE

AT SHOT Show 2024, TNW Firearms unveiled a couple of exciting new offerings – the Aero 1911 ASR carbine in .45 ACP and the Aero Survival Rifle LTE in 9x19mm.

The Aero 1911 ASR is designed to accommodate the popular .45 ACP cartridge and takes 1911 magazines, unlike previous Aero versions that used Glock magazines. The 1911 ASR carbine features a 16.5-inch barrel and an overall length of 33 inches when the stock is extended. The carbine weighs roughly 5.5 lbs. Available in anodized black, OD Green, and Flat Dark Earth, the firearm maintains a sleek, tactical aesthetic. The MSRP for this model has been set at $799.00.

The Aero Survival Rifle LTE is another significant addition to the TNW lineup. This 9x19mm carbine weighs less than 4 lbs, a significant advantage for long-term survival scenarios where the weight of equipment can be a crucial factor. The 9mm LTE model will only be available in the second quarter of 2024, with pre-orders soon to open. The pricing is planned to be $949.

In terms of specifications, the LTE model has a barrel length of 16.25 inches and an overall length of 33 inches. Once the stock is collapsed, the overall length contracts to 29.5 inches. When the necessity arises to break down the rifle, the dimensions with the barrel removed stand at 17.25 inches. The LTE model is compatible with Glock-style magazines. Interestingly, the model also offers the choice of left or right-handed ejection and charging.

The LTE variant features a hard-anodized coating, lending a robust, wear-resistant exterior that can endure harsh elements. The action is semi-automatic, direct blowback and safety measures include a sliding safety and an integrated child trigger lock.

The innovations shown by TNW Firearms highlight the company’s dedication to improving firearms technology and catering to a diverse range of user needs. These tools showcase how the company is actively working to reshape survival scenarios with compact, lightweight, and flexible firearm solutions that allow for significant customization and convenience.

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