SICK: Gun-Hating Biden Regime Threatens Israel – Will NOT Arm Jewish State Against Hamas Savages if They Continue to Provide Second Amendment Protections for Citizens

So much for the Biden regime’s alleged support for our ally Israel. Turns out their seething hatred for the Second Amendment has caused them to think twice.

The Regime was absolutely livid after learning a prominent public official dared to implement a de-facto version of the Second Amendment for Israel’s citizens with support from the Jewish state’s entire defense establishment. As Israel’s paper Haaretz revealed on Saturday, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir shared social media posts showing him handing out rifles to Israeli citizens and “community security squads” throughout the nation.

The paper also noted that Ben-Gvir appeared to be arming Israelis in regions dominated by religious, right-of-center Jews. This was no doubt another red flag for a Regime that also loathes conservative people of faith.

The Regime responded by threatening to NOT arm Israel even as they face continued assaults from Hamas savages. Moreover, Biden and his thugs also threatened to stop an order of a massive supply of firearms by Israel’s National Security Ministry from American suppliers.

It is important to note that the guns handed out by Ben-Gvir were not even from America. So what business of ours is it since no taxpayer dollars were used?

Israel was reportedly shocked at this vindictiveness, though they should have anticipated it. Hamas is also probably dancing in the streets upon hearing this.

From Haaretz:

The U.S. administration told Israel that it would not supply the country with arms if they are used to arm civilians, and if they are to be distributed at political events. The administration also threatened to halt an order of some 20,000 rifles purchased by the National Security Ministry from American suppliers.

The U.S. announcement shocked Israel’s defense establishment. In light of a considerable rifle shortage, resolving the crisis involved both political and judicial officials.

This news also comes as a Hamas leader vowed recently that the Islamist terror group would continue their attacks against Israel until it is completely destroyed.

1,400 Jews have been slaughtered by these animals since the October 7th attack. Another 220 have been taken hostage including at least 30 children.

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This news once and for all proves that Israel has no true friends in the Democratic Party, just different levels of enemies.

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