Soros-Funded Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj Defeated by Bob Anderson, by Only 300 Votes

In a closely contested race, Bob Anderson emerged as the winner in the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney election. Incumbent Democrat ​Buta Biberaj was defeated by a narrow margin of 300 votes.

Anderson, a ​Republican, had previously served in the same office 20 years ago. The final vote counts were announced after a week of meticulous counting, with the last 300 ballots hand-counted on Tuesday afternoon under the supervision of elections officials, WJLA reported.

With 68,068 votes, Anderson claimed victory over Biberaj’s 67,768 votes. However, the results are still pending formal certification and finalization by the electoral board. Sixty percent of the mail-in ballots cast by election day went to Biberaj.

“I want to thank everyone for their efforts in this campaign as it was very close. So, everybody that participated in this, I want to say, sincerely, thank you so much,” Anderson told 7News.

“We’re going to go forward with a number of different approaches to what’s been going on the county with respect to the criminal justice system. I can tell you that we’re going to be asking for additional investigators to cover fentanyl issues. Human trafficking issues was the number of areas that we’re going to be changing.”

Biberaj, is part of the 12-member group “Virginia Progressive Prosecutors for Justice,” which oversees over 40% of Virginia’s legal actions. This group actively advocates for legislative reforms to reduce prison populations.

They have championed initiatives to clear criminal records, abolish mandatory minimum sentencing, and eliminate the three-strikes rule, which they criticize as excessively harsh and a contributor to both mass incarceration and increased recidivism.

Additionally, these progressive prosecutors have opposed cash bail, arguing that it creates a dual justice system: one for the wealthy and another for the rest. They advocate for a default position favoring pre-trial release without financial conditions, emphasizing that freedom should not be monetarily quantified. In a communication to local authorities in March, they expressed this stance clearly.

However, scrutiny has been directed at Biberaj’s bail policies following a tragic incident. A man, previously released while awaiting trial for assaulting his spouse, was later accused of fatally attacking her with a hammer. This incident was reported earlier by the Loudoun Times-Mirror.

Attorney Buta Biberaj, who grew up in the Bronx, also took personal charge of the prosecution against Scott Smith, a 48-year-old father, following his arrest at a tumultuous public meeting in June 2021.

Scott Smith was arrested for obstruction of justice and disorderly behavior in June 2021.

A “transgender” student had sexually assaulted Smith’s daughter in the girl’s bathroom in May 2021, which the superintendent allegedly concealed. The same student was accused of two additional sexual assaults at other schools in the county.

The transgender reportedly wore a dress when he raped the girl in the lady’s bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. The school district’s policy allows male students to use the girl’s bathroom and vice versa.

The New York Post reported at the time:

The county’s top prosecutor pushed for jail time as well as a fine and anger management for Smith, even though he was only facing misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest — and his lawyer insisted he had been illegally detained, the court report said.

Smith’s attorney, Elizabeth Lancaster, told the Daily Wire that it was “completely unheard of for the prosecutor to handle a misdemeanor.”

“It is incredibly unusual for a disorderly conduct case to even go forward. The idea that they would actually be seeking jail time, I’d guess in my 15 years the number of times I’ve seen that happen would be zero,” Lancaster told the conservative outlet.

The request for harsh punishment also appears to be at odds with Biberaj’s long campaign against mass incarceration — helping her get elected in 2019, the Washington Post noted at the time.

That particularly applied to school-age children, including the 14-year-old charged with attacking Smith’s daughter in May.

Despite facing charges including forcible sodomy, the boy was only made to wear an ankle monitor and move to a different school — where earlier this month he was accused of a similar sex attack on another pupil, officials confirmed to Fox 5.

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