Speaker Mike Johnson Shows His Hand and Where His Loyalties Lie – Squarely in the Camp of Washington Neocons Working to Advance U.S. Toward World War III

Guest post by Leo Hohmann

Americans do not want war. But that counts for nothing because neocon warmongers in both parties will always push the agenda of their globalist masters in the military-industrial complex.

It’s important that American patriots learn the difference between a conservative and a neoconservative, a liberal and a neoliberal. I will attempt to shed light on the difference by honing in on one specific example of a neoconservative working in a position of leadership today, that being House Speaker Mike Johnson.

I think we can all agree Johnson is a conservative, but what kind of conservative is he? Does he focus on the needs and interests of Americans or on the interests of those who benefit most from perpetual conflict overseas?

Whenever The New York Times puts out an article praising a Republican for his deft political skills, you know something wicked this way comes. When has the New York Times, in the last 35-40 years, ever stood for anything globally but more war? The Times, along with the Washington Post, serve as the “papers of record” for New York and Washington elites. New York is home base for the financial elites and Washington is the home of the military/intelligence/political elites.

Let me quote the first two paragraphs of a Times story published Wednesday, April 17. And remember, this is supposed to be a news story, not an editorial.

“Speaker Mike Johnson’s elaborate plan for pushing aid to Ukraine through the House over his own party’s objections relies on an unusual strategy: He is counting on House Democrats and their leader, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, to provide the votes necessary to clear the way for it to come to the floor.

“If Democrats were to provide those crucial votes, it would mark the second time in two years that Republican leaders have had to turn to the minority party to rescue them from their own recalcitrant right-wing colleagues in order to allow major legislation to be debated and voted on.”

The article goes on to say that because of the Republicans’ tiny margin of control, “Johnson will need their (Democrats) support on the aid itself. But before he even gets to that, he will need their votes on a procedural motion, known as a rule, to even bring the legislation to the floor — an unconventional expectation of the minority party.”

What they’re really saying is that we have a Republican Speaker of the House who is essentially acting as a proxy for the Democrats, helping push Democrat and globalist policies through the Congress. It’s also interesting that the Democratic Party used to have a strong element of anti-war sentiment within its ranks, and that element has now been purged. The Democratic Party is now totally controlled by the neo-liberal war mongers, just as the Republican Party is controlled by neo-conservative war mongers.

A clear pattern has come into view. We’ve seen Johnson previously refuse to provide funding for border security (this would be an American interest); then he sided with the Washington establishment last week to renew funding for warrantless spying on Americans through the secretive star-chamber court known as the FISA system (not in the interest of any free Americans). Now he is backing away from his commitments not to fund anymore Ukraine giveaways, a policy that is leading to more war in the world, not just in Ukraine, and will eventually result in American troops on the ground in various theaters of war.

The globalist power-brokers who control politicians like Mike Johnson have failed in their determined effort to bait Vladimir Putin into widening the war in Ukraine. Having failed with Putin, they are now working on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, hoping he will show less restraint than Putin and light the fire that explodes into full-blown World War III.

Again, here’s a direct quote from the NY Times article:

“That puts Democrats once again in a strange but strong position, wielding substantial influence over the (Ukraine/Israel funding) measure, including which proposed changes, if any, are allowed to be voted on and how the foreign aid is structured. After all, Johnson knows that if they are unsatisfied and choose to withhold their votes, the legislation risks imploding before it even comes up.”

God forbid that a bill transferring tens of billions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers to foreign countries should implode. That would be catastrophic in the eyes of the New York Times, even as American military veterans sleep under bridges and many elderly Americans are wondering how they’re going to pay for their food and medicine. Their priorities are clear. They’ve let it be known who they serve, and it isn’t the interests of the American people.

Nobody expresses the legitimate frustration and utter disgust we should all have with Congress better than Dave Kobler, a U.S. Army veteran who operates the popular Southern Prepper 1 channel on YouTube. The video below is 12 minutes of undiluted truth.

At the top of the geopolitical food chain, we are not dealing with mere politicians but with satanic criminals in high places. We have way too many corrupt, detached politicians posing as our “representatives” but the core of the problem is who they answer to. They answer to a cabal of war criminals and perpetrators of crimes against humanity — a group that operates above the highly orchestrated political system we see being acted out in the daily theatrical production known as Washington, D.C.

These globalist elites want war not only because it results in massive transfers of wealth into their bank accounts, but because war always increases their control over the lives of we the people.

Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky, one of the few good guys in Washington, said it clearly earlier this week.

“We’re steering toward everything Chuck Schumer wants,” Massie said Tuesday, referring to the Democratic Senate majority leader from New York.

But Schumer only wants war because war is the only option being pursued right now by his masters in the bowls of the military-industrial complex. This includes the military hierarchy, the mega banks and transnational corporations, as well as the Five Eyes intelligence community. Five Eyes includes the intel agencies of the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But there is also Five Eyes Plus which makes up Nine Eyes, incorporating Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Norway. It extends out from there to Nine Eyes Plus, taking in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Sweden to make up Fourteen Eyes. This is basically what many would call the “free world,” but all of them are currently led by powers that hate their own people, as evidenced by the pushing of toxic injections, a war on food production, and war with nuclear-armed Russia. Their actions expose them as agents of globalist powers seeking to drastically depopulate the earth.

Sadly, this evil entity is having its water carried by phony “conservatives” like Mike Johnson every bit as significantly as the phony “liberals.” We truly are being ruled by a D.C. Uniparty right now and too many Americans still can’t see it.

But they are starting to wake up. More every day are starting to see that “leaders” like Mike Johnson do not advocate the interests of the American people and do not work for us on any level, despite what they might say. The question is what to do about it. Is it too late to save this debt-ridden, morally depraved sinking ship known as the United States of America? If so, what is the future of this land and how should we as Christians be preparing for it? We may have a depraved, oppressive and anti-civilization entity in Washington posing as our “government,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t still foster goodness and civilized community on the local level.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any success stories to share on a local level where you have seen families and communities pulling together to help each other in these troubling times.

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