St. Louis University Hosts Dylan Mulvaney, Denies College Republicans Request For Event With Former NCAA Swimmer A Day Later

By Adam Sabes of Campus Reform

St. Louis University plans to host transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney to speak on campus next week and denied College Republicans’ request to host an event with a former NCAA swimmer a day later.

The event will be hosted by the St. Louis University Great Issues Committee on Monday, which is part of the school’s Student Activities Board, according to the St. Louis Post.

Mulvaney gained attention in April 2023 after a paid partnership with Bud Light, sparking heavy criticism from conservatives.

According to the report, St. Louis University College Republicans President Alexandra Leung said that administrators at the institution denied their request to host Paula Scanlan, a women’s sports activist.

Despite the event occurring a day after Mulvaney’s speech, the university said that its security couldn’t accommodate the event.

“Mulvaney’s comments have been deemed disrespectful and derogatory towards women and to SLU’s central mission,” said Leung.

While Leung says that Mulvaney’s message is at odds with the university’s catholic teachings, her College Republicans chapter has no plans to protest the event.

While St. Louis University didn’t disclose how much the speech costs, in Summer 2023, there was an honorarium of $40,000 for organizations interested in hosting Mulvaney for an event, according to YAF.

Just a few months prior, the University of Pittsburgh’s Rainbow Alliance secured $26,250 from its student government to host Mulvaney.


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