“Stop F****ing Touching Me!” – Angry Mob of Trans and Gay Activists Attack Brave Women’s Rights Activist Holding Five-Word Sign During NYC Pride March (VIDEO)

Credit: @sav_says_/Daily Mail

Vile trans activists fighting to erase women from society launched a vicious attack on a brave protester

As reported by the Daily Mail, the incident happened in Washington Square Park in NYC during Friday’s New York City Drag March.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that these trans and gay lesbian activists made crystal clear they were coming for America’s children.

In a particularly vile incident, several marchers can be heard chanting: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” for several seconds. One topless female is dancing while making the chant while others laugh and join in.

The anonymous female, who goes by “LGBT Nonprofit Whistleblower,” arrived to the scene of debauchery with a simple five-word sign which said “Defend Female Sex Based Rights.” The sign along with her mere presence sent the sick gay and trans activists into a fit of rage.

The whistleblower was helpless as trans an gay activists violently ripped the sign away from her hands. At the same time this was happening, one of the activists bumped her in the head with cup of water.

During the video, the “LGBT non-profit whistleblower” can be heard yelling “stop f***ing touching me!”


At the present time, authorities have not arrested anyone connected with this incident. In fact, they have not even bothered to launch an investigation.

Left-wing privilege is certainly real, particularly if the individuals are part of politically-favored groups.

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