Summer of Love 2024 Violence Makes an Early Appearance and is Spreading Fast

The battle of Columbia University is underway in New York City as “Palestinian Protestors” have created a swath of ungoverned space.  Jason Rantz, a Seattle talk radio personality, said, “There’s a new autonomous zone, this time at Columbia University and it’s fueled by hatred of Jews. The longer the university allows it to stand, the more difficult it will be to dismantle — and the more hate it will foment.”  Jason has experienced first-hand the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that has contributed to a Seattle now in decline.

“Palestinian Protestors” are the latest fad of the angry outrage movement.  The tone and tenor is ugly and hostile to Jewish students and faculty.  Any attempt to counter-protest is met with violence or ejection from Campus.  Professor Shai Davidai has been barred from campus by officials since they cannot assure his safety.  Prohibiting Jewish faculty, staff, and students for their own safety is twisted and perverted logic.  The violence at Columbia is rapidly spreading to other campuses.  Texas Governor Greg Abbot oversaw a firm response at University of Texas Austin when radicals tried to shut the campus down.  Arrests were actually made at UT Austin, a departure from years of officials in many cities failing to provide civil order.

FBI Director Wray and others warn of imminent domestic attack amid the spike in campus violence

The sudden rise in violence on college campuses is occurring while key national security officials have been giving stark warnings to the American public.  FBI Director Wray has been quite histrionic about an impending ‘coordinated terror attack’ with the threat at a ‘whole other level’.  Wray’s warnings seem dire and he has been disingenuous on several topics, but this call to red alert seems authentic.  It is not well known, there is Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 191, Duty to Warn.  Under ICD 191 there is a legal obligation of officials (i.e. Wray) to provide a warning regarding threats to specific individuals or groups of intentional killing, serious bodily injury, and kidnapping.  Wray and other senior officials are likely triggered by their legal obligations under ICD 191.

Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (DHS CISA) Director Jennifer Easterly has been equally dramatic with her comments of “aggressive cyber operations” by China that can not only take down infrastructure but also “induce societal panic,” which seems to acknowledge what Dr. Malone and others were correct about the mass psychosis of the Wuhan bio-lab, COVID, and the vaccine scam.  General Haugh, Director of National Security Agency and Cyber Command has pointed out that China was securing access to the United States’ critical networks before a direct confrontation between the two countries would occur.  Translated, China is preparing for war.  Is the sudden initiation of the Summer of Love 2024 related to Chinese Communist malign activities or the warnings from U.S. Government officials?  If nothing else it provides additional chaos and distraction which provides a smokescreen.

Antifers in 2020, now Palestinian Crazies, spoon fed by TikTok cognitive warfare

The violent “Pro-Palestinian” outrage mobs have a lineage to the Summer of 2020.  Black Lives Matter and Antifa were replete with those who were easily triggered by social justice messaging.  There was also a disturbing intersection between these groups and public-school faculty and staff.  Since 2020 these same personalities have shape shifted into drag show activists, violent transgender militants, the squatter movement, and now “Palestinian” activists.  Getting paid to protest, why not become part of the Social Justice rent a mob?  It’s a great gig if you can get it, and it’s quite easy to get.

China has the Digital Twin Strategy that helps TikTok fine tune their feed to address the positive and negative affirmation of the individual easily influenced by outrage postings.  Using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Big Data analytics, TikTok can deliver tailored messages to their 1 billion plus users.  For Taiwan Election Interference, it was estimated that 10% of the TikTok messages were tailored to the individual.  At 1 billion users, TikTok can deliver 100 million tailored message streams and weight them toward the American audience – that is a lot of influence.  Who is paying the money to this street violence cadre in America for their violence?  Chinese Communist Groups, Hamas (which is Iran, which is China), American non-profits receiving U.S. Government grants, and Soros/Arabella dark money.  Big Media has surged their army of Soros Funded Fact Checkers to help hide the evidence trail on this connection.

Are Chinese Special Operators playing a role?

The seminal difference between 2020 and 2024 is the flood of Chinese military age males coming across the unsecure southern border.  Chinese operators were out on the street in 2020 enabling societal panic over the COVID narrative, but stayed discrete.  Another lesson learned by Taiwan was that advanced social media use by China still heavily utilizes on the ground collaborators to fine tune, correct, and spread the social messaging.  After 2020, Chinese nationals became bolder and started to create the secret Chinese Police Station Infrastructure in America which has been somewhat degraded, but not totally shut down by the FBI.  Chinese illegals also set up the bio-lab discovered in California and are routinely challenging the security at sensitive U.S. Government facilities.

Chinese illegals have been pivoting toward “legal cannabis”, drawn by the high cash nature of the un-bankable cannabis proceeds and are killing each other.  This situation is becoming pervasive across America.  With the surging rise of malign activities performed by Chinese operatives inside of America and the clarion call of multiple national security leaders on imminent, coordinated mass casualty events, not drawing a line, at least in pencil, between the sudden rash of “Palestinian” protestors and the flood of Chinese military age males across the southern border is foolish.

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