Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier LP MKII Offers Simplified Protection

The past few years have been dicey, to say the least. And if we learned anything from them, it’s that just because the government doesn’t think civilians need to own body armor doesn’t mean we don’t. In fact, maybe that means we need to even more so. But not everyone can afford, or need, a high-end plate carrier. For those looking for an affordable option is the Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier LP MKII.

The Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier LP MKII

Constructed of T-Square Rip FD nylon, the plate carrier is lightweight and has an ultra-flat design. The shoulder straps are adjustable between 9.8 inches – 10.2 inches so you can find the perfect fit. Likewise, the side adjustment cummerbunds include hook and loop panels on the interior and exterior of the front. As a result, the carrier can accommodate a wide range of body sizes.

The Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier LP MKII.
(Photo by Tasmanian Tiger)

Available in size S/M, the carrier sleeves can accommodate SAPI plates up to 12×10 inches, providing maximum protection. In addition, two fixed elastic side pockets allow for carrying accessories, additional magazines, a radio, etc. However, if the two pockets are not enough, two detachable elastic side pockets provide further capacity.

Tasmanian Tiger focuses on concealability by keeping the Plate Carrier simple. Other than the side pockets, there are no bells and whistles, like MOLLE webbing—just simple, basic function.

The plate carrier is available in Olive Green, Black, Coyote, and Titan Grey. Although purchasing the plates is up to you, the moderate price will help alleviate some of the overall cost. Not to mention, you can outfit your whole family.


The Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier LP MKII is available now with an MSRP of $99.95. For more info, please visit TasmanianTigerUSA.com.

LP MKII Features

The Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier LP MKII.
(Photo by Tasmanian Tiger)
  • Length-adjustable elastic side attachment
  • Ultra flat construction
  • Two additional, detachable, elastic side pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder straps of minimum 9.8in/36cm to maximum 10.2in/20cm
  • Suitable for SAPI Plates, up to 12x10in/30x25cm
  • MSRP: $99.99

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