TFB Review: UTG Pro MP5 M-LOK Handguard and Rail

Back in May, Leapers announced they were making a UTG Pro MP5 handguard. This handguard is a monolithic top cover with a bottom section that bolts to it for the sides and bottom M-LOK slots. They sent one in for review so let’s take a closer look.

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UTG Pro MP5 Handguard Made In The USA

The UTG Pro MP5 handguard is machined of 6061-T6 aluminum and attaches to a full-size MP5 receiver using the STANAG claw mounting points but they do it slightly differently from other optic rails. They use a side-locking lug insert that goes into the circular hole in the side of the handguard that grabs under the claw mounting points then a bolt is threaded into it from the top.

UTG Pro machined alignment slots into the steel insert and the aluminum rail. The entire rail is Cerakoted. Not sure why they did not choose hard anodizing.

Here is what the insert looks like from the inside of the UTG Pro MP5 rail.

UTG Pro designed their rail for the standard 9mm MP5 but I was curious if it could fit the H&K .22LR MP5. While it can use an optic mount just like a normal MP5, its receiver is slightly out of spec so the inserts did not grab under the claw mount protrusions all the way. Look at the photo below, you can see the threaded steel inserts stick out a bit.

The steel insert butts up against the receiver too soon so it cannot go in far enough for the screw to be inserted.

Another issue is that the ejection port for the H&K .22LR MP5 is further forward than a normal MP5 so the UTG Pro MP5 handguard covers part of the ejection port. I did test fire this setup and the brass cleared the ejection port just fine.

UTG Pro MP5 rail on .22lr MP5

The UTG Pro MP5 handguard has 8 sides of M-LOK slots. There are even QD sling mounts near the front end.

I am not really a fan of M-LOK slots on top rails for the MP5. Midwest Industries made an extended top rail that placed M-LOK slots behind the front sight just above the cocking tube. It seems like a good idea at first but you have to mount a rail to the M-LOK slot if you want to mount anything useful to it. If you look at the UTG Pro MP5 handguard closely, you can see it has the profile of Picatinny since it is an extrusion. Rather than M-LOK, I would have preferred they continued the Picatinny slots the entire length.

Image by UTG Pro

Since the top section over the cocking tube is M-LOK slots, it has to have some stand-off space to allow the M-LOK T-nuts. I had hoped there would be enough space to fit a SureFire tape switch underneath. Then someone could make a flexible rail cover that could push down on the nested tape switch. Sadly there is not enough room for the tape switch.

I then installed the UTG Pro MP5 handguard onto my H&K SP5-L.

The single M-LOK slot on the left side, in front of the charging handle with an offset light mount, Magpul in this case. You can comfortably mount a ScoutLight and press the tail cap switch with your support hand thumb.

Just behind the front side, on the UTG Pro MP5 handguard is a set screw. This sets the top M-LOK portion’s position and helps reduce flex and movement.

Here is the UTG VFG they sent so I mounted it to feel how the UTG Pro MP5 handguard would be with it mounted.

Final Thoughts On The UTG Pro MP5 Handguard

The handguard MSRP is $239.97 and should be coming out soon.  I love how streamlined it is. There are no hard corners that can scratch you like some other top rail options. The UTG Pro MP5 handguard uses small screws to attach the lower handguard section so like their photo above, I recommend witness marks and loctite. The top Picatinny rail is plentiful along a variety of optic options. As you saw earlier, I was able to mount my Aimpoint 1000 on my H&K SP5-L. You could easily mount a red dot and magnifier if you so desired.

I told my contact at Leapers about the .22LR issues and they looked into it and will be making some slight adjustments for better compatibility. While I don’t like the M-LOK slots at the top of the handguard portion, the whole rail by UTG Pro is a great option for someone who wants a top rail with a slick handguard all in one piece. I know some people are reluctant to buy UTG products but their UTG Pro line of products is designed and made entirely in the USA. I would give them a chance if this handguard suits your needs.

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