“That’s Why I Beat Your A**!” – Man Starts Nasty Brawl on Southwest Airlines Flight (VIDEO)

A massive fight happened onboard a Southwest Plane flying from Dallas to Phoenix on March 6.

A man in a sports jacket accused a tattooed passenger of bumping his wife and started assaulting him.

Fox News was the first to report the story.

A female passenger recorded two separate videos of the incident. She told Fox News the person in the sports jacket hit the tattooed passenger “four or five” times before she began recording.

Here are her videos:


The first video opens with the man in the sports jacket placing the tattooed passenger in a headlock and calling him a “p***y.” Fellow passengers briefly manage to break up the assault.


Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

The man in the sports jacket then strikes the other individual in the face while other passengers scream “do not hit him again.”

The second video opens with the assailant explaining his side of the story to everyone else on the plane.

He then turns to the tattooed man and says “he will sit down in jail for you approaching my family” and “I will die for my family.”

So that’s why I beat your ass!,” he continued.

Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

According to Fox News, both men were taken off the plane. The Dallas Police Department said no arrests were made.

Southwest Airlines said the flight arrived to Phoenix on time according to The Independent. A spokesperson for Southwest also praised the crew for their management of the situation.

We commend our crew for managing the situation as safety professionals while also ensuring the comfort of the other passengers in the cabin.

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