The 49ers seriously considered Tom Brady at QB before committing to Brock Purdy

There’s been a narrative this season that the 49ers were the geniuses who had complete faith in Brock Purdy, but that wasn’t always the case. A story from Nick Wagoner of ESPN notes that San Francisco were on the verge of having very different plans in 2023.

With Purdy coming off an injury and Jimmy Garoppolo bound for Las Vegas, the Niners explored a wild plan at quarterback: Bringing back Tom Brady for one final run.

“Being doubted is nothing new for Purdy, from youth football to college to this past offseason, when the Niners were ready for one final run at Tom Brady before guaranteeing Purdy the starting job in 2023.”

This is an absolutely fascinating element to consider in this 49ers season. Purdy, is often credited (incorrectly) for being the biggest difference maker to the team, but the front office lacked enough conviction before the 2023 season began that they were honestly trying to think about what Brady would look like on the team.

It’s unclear how far this got. Did the 49ers talk to Brady and find out he wasn’t interested? Did they decide to pull back of their own accord? Did this idea involve Brady becoming the immediate starter now, while also playing mentor to Purdy for the future?

These are all interesting questions, because it dramatically alters how we perceive San Francisco this year — as well as what the team might do in the future with their quarterback position. Purdy has been incredible this season, but there’s at least some people inside the front office who aren’t entirely sold on him being the long-term answer.

That’s probably a fair concern. After all, Purdy was pretty horrific against the Packers this past weekend, and while he put it together when it counted, the 49ers would be home right now if not for Christian McCaffrey.

Would the 49ers be runaway locks to win the Super Bowl this year if they had No. 12 under center for one last ride? That’s going to be something to think about if the 49ers falter against the Lions in the NFC Championship game, or lose in the big game.

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