The Benchmade Mini Claymore Out the Side Automatic Folder

Last year we reviewed the Benchmade Claymore and Shootout automatic knives. Like anything from the company, the autos offered exceptional performance and edge-holding capabilities. Building on the popularity of the Claymore, Benchmade releases its Mini version of the auto, in a more carry-friendly size.

The Benchmade Mini Claymore

Like the original, the Mini Claymore improves on the Adamas out the side auto, taking on a life of its own. Featuring a 3-inch blade, the Mini offers a scaled-down version of the original but is more carry-friendly. Likewise, at 3 inches, the blade is legal in most jurisdictions. But it is still good to check with your local ordinances and laws.

Constructed of CPM-D2, the Mini Claymore offers excellent wear resistance and edge retention. Worth noting is that D2 is a semi-stainless steel, but CPM-D2 has additional Chromium. For this reason, it is semi-stainless steel. However, the blade features a cobalt black finish helping to protect the steel. But it is still good to monitor and maintain it when necessary.

A Grivory handle, in black or foliage green, provides the interface to the knife. The sides include embossed sections with stippled texturing for a secure grip. In addition, the guard rises at the thumb and drops at the index finger and includes a section of jimping. This helps to ensure your hand doesn’t slide up on the blade.

Paying homage to the Claymore namesake, the guard features raised Morse Code letters FTE—Front Toward Enemy. The Mini Claymore is opened via a release button on the presentation side. Once depressed, it brings the Mini to its full length of 7.18 inches. The release button also acts to unlock the Mini Claymore to close it after use.

Weighing a lightweight of only 2.56 ounces, the Mini is held in the pocket via a deep carry pocket clip. It comes right-hand tip-up but is reversible to left-hand tip-up as well. The Mini Claymore is available in straight edge drop point or serrated tanto point.


The Benchmade Mini Claymore is available now with an MSRP of $230.00 – 260.00, based on the model. For more info, please visit

The Benchmade Mini Claymore.
(Photo by Benchmade)

Benchmade Mini Claymore Specs

Blade Material: CPM-D2
Blade Length: 3 inches
Overall Length: 7.18 inches
Closed Length: 4.18 inches
Blade Thickness: 0.1 inch
Handle Material: Grivory
Weight: 2.56 ounces
MSRP: $230.00 – $260.00

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