The Current Federal Government Won’t Protect Americans-But Sheriff Jones Will

One of the most inspiring presentations I’ve seen in a while was the one just given by Sheriff Richard K. Jones of Butler County, Ohio.  Sheriff Jones gave this presentation on February 7, 2024.

He had just returned from National Sheriff’s Training in Washington D.C. for the 3,300 Sheriffs in America.  Sheriffs are becoming the front and center figures for functional civil governance in the midst of the collapse of American society.

This collapse traces to the willful failure or lack of action by Federal Officials to secure the American Border.

The foundation of the American Constitutional Republic is the county.  There are roughly 3,300 counties across the 50 states and eight US Territories.  Until the 2020 election, many had not given a whole lot of thought to Sheriffs.

The term and movement of Constitutional Sheriffs is gaining great traction.   The failure of the Federal Government, increased lawlessness, and an open border are driving more Americans to think about their immediate community which brings more focus on the chief law enforcement officer for their county.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), started with good and noble purposes, has now become a money laundering racket for left-wing extremism and is in a catatonic fit (and fund-raising frenzy) over Constitutional Sheriffs.

I don’t know if Sheriff Jones is a Constitutional Sheriff, but the SPLC targeting must mean Sheriffs and especially Constitutional Sheriffs are good for our Constitutional Republic and civil society.

If the SPLC targeting is not a good enough stamp of endorsement, Sheriff Jones points out that Biden refused to meet with the Sheriffs.  Double prizes and endorsements for Sheriffs.

Domestic America is surrounded by red flags, flashing lights, and screaming sirens of imminent danger

Sheriff Jones said the group received briefings from FBI Director Wray, who said, “There are more red flags going off now than before 9/11”.  By red flags, Wray meant illegal aliens in this country that want to do harm to American citizens.

It doesn’t get any clearer than comments like this.  In December 2023, Wray had used the term blinking red lights were everywhere, and then on January 31, 2024 Wray said Chinese hackers were preparing to “wreak havoc” on domestic critical infrastructure.

At the same January 31st Congressional Testimony, DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Jen Easterly added “This is truly an Everything Everywhere, All at Once scenario”.

One thing that immediately caught my attention in the Sheriff’s presentation was the number of times daily his county came under cyber-attack.  Why in the world do cyber threat actors like China, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea, and Russia care about mundane counties?

Counties are replete with deep data on the citizenry and are usually not used to dealing with complex attacks from sophisticated state actors.  Ransomware is often the method.

One other bonus prize for China penetrating county-level networks?  The adjacent Department of Defense (DOD) and U.S. Government facilities are dependent upon these counties for power, water, security, information technology, and other critical infrastructure.

Section 1088 of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act directed a U.S. Government Tabletop exercise to test and understand the cyber resilience of the DOD bases and their surrounding counties in case of Chinese attacks in the Western Pacific.

A full-blown destruction of American society enabled by a surgical removal of Judeo-Christian values

Sheriff Jones is on the front line, dealing with the collapse of civil society in America.  It is intentional and willful by both foreign powers like China, globalists, and willing enablers inside of America.

Once God and Judeo-Christian principles were taken out of the classroom and society, the brave new world of “anything goes” was established, and when anything goes, anything goes.

Gun violence, drug use, transgenderism, and dysfunctional Federal, State, and Local Government are symptoms, not the cause of a rudderless society with no moral starting point.

About 15 years ago, we had dear friends who took their elementary level daughter out of our Christian School and put her in the public school system.  About a year later, she came to a gathering at our house, and I was shocked at her transformation.

She said robotically over and over again what her name was, the name of the public elementary school she went to and then, “We’re a green school and we eat healthy.”

She had no idea what green or healthy meant, but she would repeat the soundbite like a mindless automaton.  The point of this vignette? She had been captured by the indoctrination of the public school system.

Even the heroic and Atlas-like work of Sheriff Jones is for naught if we don’t retake the K-12 education system.  The Sheriffs are trying to protect us while our children are being stolen from us.

Preparedness is essential for the Citizen

Part of our role to support Sheriffs like Sheriff Jones is to ensure our county councils, election boards, school boards, registrars, judges, prosecutors, and sheriffs are held accountable and are right-minded.

No purpose in howling at the Deep State in DC, Globalists, or China if we are allowing the steal right where we live.

Sheriff Jones did bring up the idea of training and even deputizing citizens to help in these matters to defeat Fentanyl, Chinese Special Operators, Terrorists, and other destructive actors.

Participating in training like this is an excellent idea.  In addition, all citizens should have a minimum of 90 days of food, water, fuel, backup power, consumables, and be trained in measures on how to defend themselves.

When things really go south, you don’t want to be part of the mob at Costco nor be trapped on a Freeway of Death with all others who are unprepared.

Sheriff Jones was Churchillian in his presentation.  It was a message of hope and resolve – we will never ever ever surrender.

Now if only Klaus Schwab and Xi Jinping would also bad mouth Sheriffs along with the SPLC and Biden, Sheriffs would be the first group to ever attain the mythological “Fourthsome” award, the much desired, but never-before obtained award of those who place America and American Citizens first.

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