The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft Talks With Michael Savage On Battling the Biden Administration and Free Speech Rights in America (AUDIO)

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft recently joined The Michael Savage Show to discuss The Gateway Pundit’s most recent victory in the battle for free speech in America and what is happening with the Biden crime family.

Michael Savage: Welcome to the Michael Savage podcast with my favorite guest in the world, Jim Hoft, who is the owner and editor of the incredible Gateway Pundit, the website that everyone I know goes to. Jim, we are going to talk about your big victory, the federal court victory, but we also should talk about the current events that’s going on…this deal with Biden…the Biden crime family…where do you think that’s going to go?

Jim Hoft: Well you know Michael, you know this better better than I do, but through history we’ve seen how these Republicans make a lot of promises, give  a lot of speeches, do a lot of talking and then nothing gets accomplished.  I am at the point, I put something up on Gateway Pundit, where it’s like enough of this…they’re going have to do something. Or, what’s going to happen, my prediction, Michael…it’s getting very hot underneath Joe Biden they’re finding everything now…not everything but enough…they’re finding enough of these criminal actions by him and his son…

Michael Savage: You mean the left is finally waking up to the face that these people are not what they thought they were? Is that it?

Jim Hoft: Well I suppose they all knew, right?

Michael Savage: Let me follow you Jim. So the left knew that Joe was a manipulator and a gangster, basically criminal, how anyone wants to put it…and they were able to hide it because he was so good at it…but now they can’t hide it, they can’t hid it any more. They are afraid to be tarnished by the support…

Jim Hoft: I think Hunter made the big mistake with his laptop. I think that was the big mistake. And I think the thing that saved the country was the fact that this computer store owner had kept a copy of the computer because he gave them to the FBI, which went into that dark hole in government in the deep state. We never heard a thing from the FBI, but this brave computer store owner kept a copy. That’s the reason I believe that the Bidens are going down. What I do believe, though, Michael, is that with this evidence, the Republicans are still talking about doing more investigations, calling in Merrick Garland in September after the break, and they’re not going to do anything. I think, I’m afraid that Democrats will yank Joe Biden out of the way, through a health scare, through a fall, through something that they’re going to make some big headlines with. Joe Biden will go off in the sunset and then they’ll lecture us about, well, ‘we just need to let that go. That’s old news.’ That’s my prediction. I hope I’m wrong. I hope this time Republicans actually take some action and do something.

Michael Savage:  But going back to your victory, if we can get to that, before you leave us, a federal court handed Biden’s Ministry of Truth a big defeat. Missouri and Louisiana, alongside five individuals, including Jim Hoft, who runs the Gateway Pundit, and two infectious disease epidemiologists, challenged the alleged collusion of the Biden administration… I almost said Obama…with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. What’s that about, Jim?

Jim Hoft:  Well, Michael, you know this as well as anyone. I know that you’ve been censored, certainly throughout your career. And in fact, I did look up an article today where you were even mentioned in WikiLeaks, where Hillary Clinton wanted to make sure that your name stayed on some hate speech list that was running in the UK…….So, anyway, I bring that up because, of course, you’ve been a victim of this during your career.

Here’s the backstory, Michael. We contacted the state of Missouri Attorney General’s office back in 2021. This was after years of being censored on Facebook and other platforms. And we said, hey, we have the evidence. We kept all the receipts, we kept all the emails they sent us saying a certain story was not accurate. Of course the stories were accurate. They took them down. And so then in 2022, Missouri and Louisiana attorney generals got together. That was Eric Schmidt at the time. Now he’s a Missouri senator, US. Senator. And they filed this lawsuit against the government. Very brave action that they took that it’s refreshing to see people doing something like this. They included us as a lead plaintiff in the fall of ’22….I was sitting there when Dr. Fauci was deposed.

And then the lawsuit has proceeded through Louisiana Western District Judge Doty. And then on Independence Day, he came out and says it releases a statement that this has been wrong, what the government is doing, that we do have first amendment rights. And so what a remarkable position for him to take on Independence Day. And so now immediately, the Biden administration pushed back saying, yes, we do need to censor.

Michael Savage: What do you mean by censor? In plain English, for the average listener.

Jim Hoft: The Bidens colluded with Facebook and Twitter.

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