The Restrict Act Is Pure Treason – Breaking Report!

Is Senator Lindsay Graham a liar, incompetent or both?

Sure, congressional staffers get legislation cosponsored with a rubber stamp all the time as Senators line their pockets over lunch with lobbyists, but hours before Graham appeared on Jesse Waters the news had broken on the treasonous bill deceptively presented by its supposed author Virginia Democrat Senator Mark Warner.

The news was that Graham, 11 Democrats and 10 other Republicans co-sponsored a bill known as the Restrict Act.

The language in the Bill reads like a George Orwell novel, crushing the 1st and 4th Amendments with doublespeak aimed at combating foreign adversaries while awarding sweeping powers to Biden’s Secretary of Commerce to set in motion the rounding up of those standing in the way of the compromised Biden Administration’s NWO directives.

The globalists appear set to unleash enforcement by an AI-driven surveillance state while, by seeming coincidence, major banks fall like dominoes to the coming CBDC maelstrom.

This all comes as Congress continues its theater of confronting Chinese data harvesting.

The architecture of the American surveillance state is set in stone.

Wikileaks published the CIA’s Vault 7 documents in 2017 detailing the malware tools developed by the agency’s Operations Support Branch to compromise smart devices, operating systems, most web browsers, and smartphones.

The Artificial Intelligence poised to police those who seek the truth is so far advanced tech leaders are calling to pause AI development because it poses too big a threat.

Currently the RESTRICT Act and a similar bill policing election interference in the house known as the DATA Act have barely met any resistance.

If the bills pass, a 21st Century Cyber Stasi will be given carte blanche to infiltrate any form of internet technology deemed fit, silencing and imprisoning dissent in jackbooted situations that will make Ruby Ridge and Waco look antiquated.

That’s when the elite usher in a Bohemian Grove inspired nightmare of tyranny and perversion as our children are openly preyed upon and transgender petty tyrants keep the remaining population under Agenda 2030 submission.

Contact your representative right now before self-government becomes a thing of the past.

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