The Swedish Championships in Pistol Caliber Carbine – Ockelbo 300

The Swedish Championships in PCC 2023 is in the books. This was a level 3 IPSC PCC competition with over 170 competitors from Sweden mainly but with a few international competitors. There were 12 very built stages that required a minimum of 236 rounds to finish. The stages ranged from fast-reaction, speed shooting that required 3-4 seconds for the top shooters, to long courses with a lot of movement and transitions that required about 35-40 seconds to complete.

So let’s see some action from the competition. They may look the same in the rifle rack, but there’s a huge variety of models and makes, not a single rifle is the same.

Another fast PCC competitor.

A custom SIG MPX in action on a snowmobile. The small town of Ockelbo is known for these vehicles, as they were manufactured here between 1964 to 1989, until Valmet bought the brand. This stage required that you sat on the snowmobile all of the time, to shoot two metal poppers, two fast swingers and a few stationary targets.

The Range Officers (IROA and NROI) did a great job in running the match. There were also a lot of locals who helped with patching so that everything could run in a smooth way without delays. Here is a squad being briefed about what to do on this stage. Did you ever shoot from a snowmobile?

AR9 with an Aimpoint.

One of the top shooters from the Top Gun Rifle Team, with a QC-10 with Brekke Customs compensator, Smoke Composites handguard, bolt from Iron City Rifle Works, and a trigger from CMC.

The term “Short Barreled Rifle” doesn’t really exist in Swedish legislation, but for most target shooting and hunting the minimum barrel length is 16″. There are however some ways around this.

Let us also remind you that suppressors are free in Sweden, as long as you have the permit to a firearm where the suppressor fits. In PCC competitions suppressors are a rare sight, as they offer no obvious advantages and add a lot of weight in the wrong place.

A Schmeisser PCC in 9×19 mm. I hope to be able to review one of their Glock lowers later. Here is a link to the Schmeisser AR15-9 S4F.

Schmeisser PCC

A competitor from Norway with a skeletonized PCC.

Another Norwegian competitor, sponsored by Brownells.

Two rounds in the air, then transition to the next target.

There were a few targets at longer distances. Here the competitor is aiming at a fairly large steel plate (about 40×40 cm) at about 65 meters.

A competitor from Varpsund Arena Dynamic Shooting.

Below: This is an Iron City Rifle Works PCC, Hiperfire Trigger, Kynshot “Blitzkrieg” Buffer, Smally Shortstroke spring, Aimpoint H2 Sight, Urunen Precision Comp, Magpul Gripstop and a GL-Core Buttstock

There were a lot of activators. Note the competitors’ foot just before a bobber goes off.

This competitor from the shooting team ended up in third place in the senior category and tenth overall at 88.71% on the winner.

There was a 40-shot long stage with a lot of difficult transitions. In total, the stage had five moving targets and a few steel.

A few more QC-10s with Brekke Customs compensators and the Smoke Composites handguard. This is a very light PCC, and I use a similar setup with (some) success. The lady below finished 3:rd in ladies. The AC-10 has been a very reliable PCC for me.

Below: It’s all about having fun  and smiling (and winning)! From the deep forests of Sweden, we present…

Stage 10 had ten paper targets, one no-shoot, and a steel popper that released a swinger. There were two paper targets that moved once the competitor pushed an activator. All in all a great stage with three moving targets, and a lot of changes between fast shots on the move and precision on targets further away.

Stage 3 was a long course. Again there was a lot of movement, transitions and difficulties in changing between fast and close and far away and slow in the shooting. Only one moving target on this stage, probably the easiest swinger in the whole competition. As you can see, there’s a lot of sand at this shooting range, but the shooting area was well-prepped.

Here are a few pictures from the podium, let’s begin with the seniors (that barely made it up). Lars-Tony Skoog was the winner both overall and in the senior. He is also the current Nordic Champion in IPSC PCC.

And the ladies. The local Ms. Lilly Westberg won the ladies’ category, with 83.83% overall. She’s also the Nordic Champion in Ladies.

Another reporter did a great story about her, the Schmeisser PCC she uses and IPSC, check it out here:

The results can be found at Shoot’n Score It here.

Thanks for watching! I’ll be happy to return to Ockelbo anytime for another competition.

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