‘The View’ Could Be Getting Its First Male Host If Don Lemon Is Successful: Report

ABC’s “The View” could have its own male co-host very soon if Don Lemon gets his way, a new report claims.

In spite of having been fired from CNN in April in part for expressing his opinion that women over 50 are way out of their respective primes, Lemon reportedly wants in on a show aimed directly at a female audience, OK! magazine reported.

Lemon reportedly couldn’t get along with two female co-hosts at “CNN This Morning,” but OK! claimed in a report published Wednesday that he somehow thinks he would flourish when surrounded by a table of them.

The outlet reported Lemon recently held a party for “The View” host Sunny Hostin’s book release. (That was the Hamptons party where former CNN boss Jeff Zucker and “CNN Tonight” host Alisyn Camerota made headlines by leaving together hand in hand.)

The report added Lemon was “all over” Hostin as well as Joy Behar.

“[Lemon] wanted to make sure” both ladies were aware “he was responsible for every detail of the party,” a source OK! described as “an insider” told the outlet.

“Don’s pushing himself with ALL of the women on the show,” the insider said, according to OK!

The source also acknowledged the obvious elephant in the room: The openly gay Lemon appears to have a problem with women.

“Don is trying to convince the ladies that all the show needs is a guy’s voice, but he’s already proven he doesn’t play well with others,” the person reportedly said “They’re not quite ready to welcome him with open arms — no matter how many parties he throws.”

Lemon, during a Feb. 16 broadcast of “CNN This Morning,” said women who are beyond their 40s are no longer in their “prime.” Lemon was making an attempt to rip Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley, 51.

The rest of his tenure at CNN was a disaster and he was fired on April 24.

He was unceremoniously axed and his separation from the network saw CNN accuse him of lying.

Here’s a segment of the “The View” the day Lemon was fired:

Note that the words are kind. Not only is Lemon a personal friend of Hostin and Behar, but Fox News got rid of Tucker Carlson the same day, remember, and the “The View” co-hosts had to make it clear where their sympathies were.

Things might be different if it were a question of Lemon actually occupying one of the ladies’ seats.

I, for one, think Lemon would be the perfect fit to become the first male to co-host “The View.”

Not only is he obnoxiously far-left but he could add another dynamic to the show in that his apparent problems with women of a certain age could result in some viral exchanges.

In a room full of prima donnas, Lemon would arguably be the most arrogant, least self-aware and most likely to storm off the set.

Lemon to “The View” could end up being must-see TV.

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