These Eagles players saw their first MLB game, and gave us the best video of postseason

One of the best videos you’ll see out of the MLB Postseason was D’Andre Swift and Terrell Edmunds of the Philadelphia Eagles watching the NFCS.

Swift and Edmunds were in the stands to see Game 2 with their own eyes, and video captured their entire experience with Major League Baseball for the first time. The beautiful thing about this video is that it tells a whole story. The two football players begin feeling their way out through how baseball works, probing each other with questions about the nature of the sport and what players are trying to do.

Before long they’re absolutely in the moment, singing along with the crowd when Bryson Scott steps to the plate to “A-O-K by Tai Verdes. It’s a whole vibe, and Swift and Edmunds are here for it. The pair close saying they have to come back and experience baseball in person, because it’s better than they ever imagined.

They’re not wrong.

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