They’re Not Sending Their Best: East Asian ‘Neo-Nazi’ Sai Varshith Kandula Who Planned to Storm the White House with UHaul Also Had Speech Ready With Nazi Talking Points

Last Monday night, one week ago, a young migrant from Chesterfield, Missouri drove a U-Haul truck and attempted to ram his way through a White House barrier. his plot failed and police arrested the young man in shorts.  Police investigators then pulled an apparent Nazi flag from a U-Haul truck after the crash near the White House and laid it on the street for photographers.  It was a white supremacist attack!

As Kristinn Taylor reported — Eyewitnesses say the truck was driven twice into a barrier before stopping. The incident took place at the north side of Lafayette Park at 16th and H St, NW. Police laid out the flag on the sidewalk near the truck, apparently for the media to film, before folding it up and taking it away.

Internet users immediately were suspect. The only thing they found in the truck was a Nazi flag? This was too convenient for Joe Biden and the FBI’s narrative of the dreaded white supremacist threat in America. It smelled like another fed operation.

Local FOX 5 on Tuesday identified the driver on Tuesday morning.

Sai Varshith Kandula – a 19-year-old man from Chesterfield, Missouri, a suburb west of St. Louis was the terrorist.

U.S. Park Police say Sai Varshith Kandula of Chesterfield, Missouri, was taken into custody at the scene. Kandula faces multiple charges including assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, the threat to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm on a President, Vice President, or family, destruction of federal property, and trespassing.

Officials released his name Tuesday. No one was injured in the crash.

Sai Kandula graduated from Marquette High School in West St. Louis. He has a limited internet profile.

And Sai is NOT a US citizen.

On Friday DC prosecutors dropped all of the serious charges against Sai Kandula who said he was attempting to overthrow the White House.

Now this…
Sai Kandula, the Neo-Nazi who allegedly plowed a U-Haul truck into the White House gates, had planned a rambling ‘coup’ speech that announced the end of US democracy.

NBC News reported:

A memo federal prosecutors filed Friday in support of keeping Kandula behind bars with no conditions before a potential trial said he kept a journal that included a coup speech he planned to give had he taken over the government after the crash.

The memo quotes a passage of the journal, which the defendant described as a “green book,” that describes a post-democratic U.S. He addresses “my fellow citizens of America” in prescribing historic change.

“As I am familiar with the [unknown] of this country being a democratic nation, and this will no longer be the case,” the passage reads, according to the memo. “There shall be consequence if civil unrest happens. To make it clear Any opposition will be met with death penalty to make it clear: (kill president) As you have seen, we will declare martial until the situation has been [unknown]. We will rebuild this world.”

The defendant, who allegedly grabbed a Nazi flag from the cargo area of the rented U-Haul just before he was apprehended, ended the passage with the words “Sieg hail,” echoing but misspelling the Nazi motto that means “hail victory.”

For being an honor student in Chesterfield, this was a pretty lackluster performance by the Asian neo-Nazi terrorist.

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