“They’re Scared to Let Him Talk!” – MUST SEE: Biden Lackey John Kirby Looks Freaked-Out as Grandpa Joe Faces Media to Take Questions

John Kirby currently serves as Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council in the Biden White House. Before that, he was Obama’s State Department spokesperson.

The man is as shrewd and clever as he is a partisan hack.

But not even his raw talent and impressive resume’ could prepare him for his current role working for Old Joe, the unpredictable dementia patient serving as US president.

Take a look at Mr. Kirby as Joe Biden faces the press!

It’s not as if he will be asked any tough questions or any follow-up questions but still, Kirby looks completely freaked out. You just never know what direction Old Joe is going to take the conversation. You never know how many sentences he will leave open or how many ridiculous fables he will tell his audience.

It’s always a crap shoot with Old Joe.

Watch John Kirby as Joe Biden speaks to the press after Biden’s embarrassing appearance in Israel.

There is no way that Democrats can win an election with Joe Biden without cheating. That’s why they’re running Joe.

Via Midnight Rider and Brandon Sears.

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