TikToker Who Filmed Himself Committing Crimes For Clout Says Outrage Is Only Because He’s a “Black Male”

A TikToker who filmed himself committing crimes for social media clout, leading to his arrest, says people are only outraged because he’s a “black male”.

Yes, really.

18-year-old Bacari Ogarro, known online as ‘Mizzy’, went viral after recording himself committing numerous criminal offenses, including invading people’s homes, stealing dogs and harassing people on the street.

One of his ‘pranks’ included wearing a balaclava and walking up to people in London and aggressively asking them, “Do you want to die?” before pulling out a bottle and saying, “It’s just hair dye.”

Another video showed Mizzy physically assaulting Orthodox Jews in the Stamford Hill area of London by vaulting over their backs.

He has also filmed himself getting into random people’s cars and walking into a library before tearing up a book.

After his antics attracted an avalanche of social media attention, Mizzy responded by saying it was worth it for the views and likes, celebrating the fact that he was “blowing up” online.

However, his luck ran out when police announced a number of charges and Mizzy was forced to hand himself in at Bethnal Green station to be arrested.

However, before he was taken into custody, Ogarro told media outlets that he was being targeted not because he committed a laundry list of crimes, but because he was black.

“I’m a Black male doing these things and that’s why there’s such an uproar on the internet,” said the TikToker.

“Controversy, even though it’s not good, is the best way to blow up on social media. I always know outrage is going to happen. I know exactly what I’m doing and the consequences of my actions. I tell people not to reciprocate what I’ve done,” he added.

Despite having filmed himself carrying out the crimes months ago, Mizzy was only arrested after MPs voiced concern about his behavior.

As we document in the video above, some of them have tried to exploit the outrage to push for the passage of the Online Safety Bill, which has the potential to target lawful but “harmful” free speech for censorship.



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