Tiny11 gets a major update, can now be used to trim down any Windows 11 image

Tiny11 developer NTDEV announced on X (Twitter) that Tiny11 builder has been completely overhauled, featuring more flexibility than ever before. The newly overhauled version of Tiny11 can now be used to trim down any Windows 11 release (seemingly from any build), freeing it from its previous limitations.

According to NTDEV, this breakthrough was made by switching to the “much-improved” scripting capabilities of PowerShell, compared to the older “Batch release” they were using before. Not only can the new Tiny11 be used on any version or build of Windows 11, but it can also be used on any language or architecture (x86, ARM) Windows 11 supports.

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As a result, the entire app is written in a PowerShell script, meaning you will need PowerShell to use it. NTDEV also recommends users set the execution policy to “Unrestricted” in PowerShell so the script won’t run into issues running within PowerShell.

NTDEV also saysthere are only a couple of external executables included:  oscdimg.exe, which is used to create bootable ISO images of Tiny11, and another (“an unattended answer file”) which is used to bypass the requirement to use a Microsoft Account when installing Windows 11.

Tiny11 is one of the easiest methods to reduce bloatware in Windows 11, and to manipulate it to run on officially incompatible hardware. We’ve seen NTDEV push Tiny11 to the limit numerous times over the past year, including two super customized builds that can run on just 2GB of RAM and 100MB of RAM respectively. The 100MB RAM version, however, was a super cut-down version that does not even include a GUI. That said, it is impressive that Tiny11 is able to strip out the Windows GUI in the first place.

But, the best version of TIny11 may be yet to come. NTDEV revealed that an even more fleshed-out solution is yet to come. It’s great to see that Tiny11 is still receiving updates, because before this latest iteration, the Windows 11 modding program was left without updates for over a year with no roadmap.

To use NTDEV’s latest version of Tiny11, all you need to do is download a Windows 11 ISO from the Microsoft website and follow NTDEV’s instructions here.

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