TONIGHT on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines – Filmmaker Ami Horowitz, Tea Party Leader Debbie Dooley, and Ivory Hecker Jack Smith Developments

Tonight on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines, Ami Horowitz joins Ivory Hecker

Tonight, on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines:

Pro-Palestinian agitators are plotting disruptions across the country. Ami Horowitz, filmmaker and PragerU contributor, joins host Ivory Hecker  to discuss.  Every day brings another overreach.

Ivory looks at the latest effort by Jack Smith to hide evidence from a jury in the January 6th Trump case.

Then, Ivory covers the Obama-appointed Judge who just rejected a major First Amendment case.

Debbie Dooley, Co-Founder of the Tea Party Movement, will join Ivory to discuss the latest developments on Georgia election equipment. What you learn just might blow your mind!

Finally, a mysterious fireball spotted in the sky over Iowa and in the least surprising news ever – only 3.4% of American journalists say they are Republicans!  This is exactly why VNN exists!  


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