Total Silence as Biden Drops by Sheetz Gas Station in Pittsburgh, Is Greeted by One Supporter at the Door and Leaves After Spending Only Two Minutes Inside(Video)

President Trump is swarmed by supporters at fast food restaurants and bodegas where he spends a long time talking to them and reporters, as happened Tuesday evening in Harlem. In contrast, 81 million vote getter Joe Biden stopped by a Sheetz gas station in Pittsburgh Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by total silence, save for one supporter who met him at the door with a hug. Video of Biden’s entrance shows two children and their mother seated, silently watching Biden, with the sound of the in-store music heard quite clearly over the small talk by Biden and the supporter. There were no cheers, no chants of “Four more years!” Just muzak. With few supporters to talk to, Biden was in and out in just two minutes according to the pool report.

Joe Biden greeted by a supporter at a Sheetz gas station in Pittsburgh, screen image via Bob Mayo, WTAE-TV, X Twitter, April 17, 2024.

Video of Biden, accompanied by Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Ed Gainey (D) and Allegheny County Executive Sara Innamorato (D) was posted by WTAE-TV reporter Bob Mayo, who noted the store was given ten minutes’ notice on the visit and that Biden picked up an order of mostly turkey subs for construction workers at his next visit.

Complete video of the two-minute visit by Biden posted by C-SPAN’s Howard Mortman:

The pool report says Biden posed for photos with customers and staff. Biden also repeated his lame ‘don’t jump’ joke to a reporter standing on a chair:

“Motorcade pulled into a Sheetz gas station mart for an OTR at 3:32 pm. POTUS, wearing aviators, entered the shop at 3:36, and was Immediately talking to customers and posing for a selfie. Then he went to the food counter, handed over some bills, picked up takeout bags. Went behind counter to pose for pics w employees. A reporter shouted: “Are you concerned the new steel tariffs will hurt your relationship with Xi Jinping?” “No!” He said. “Why not?” The reporter asked, standing on a chair. “Don’t jump!” He said. POTUS exited the store at 3:38. An aide walked behind him carrying a box of snacks. We are rolling again at 3:42.”

Photos of the Biden visit were posted by reporters:

There was no mention any Biden supporters outside the Sheetz.

The construction site Biden later visited with the turkey subs (no campaign law violations here):

In contrast, Biden was greeted by two groups of protesters–conservatives and pro-Hamas activists forced into the same area–who loudly denounced Biden with respective chants outside the US Steel building in Pittsburgh where Biden gave a speech earlier Wednesday.

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