Transgender Activist and Influencer Dylan Mulvaney to Speak at Catholic St. Louis University

Transgender activist and influencer is scheduled to speak at St. Louis University, a Catholic institution, on Monday.

The university recently barred the College Republicans from hosting women’s sports activist Paula Scanlan, according to the student group.

According to a report from College Fix:

The event will be hosted by the private institution’s Student Activities Board and its Great Issues Committee, which works to “spark dialogue, engage in critical thinking, and have fun,” according to its Instagram bio.

Mulvaney is slated to “talk about her experiences as a trans actress, activist, and content creator,” according to the university’s website.

Transgender groups are celebrating Mulvaney’s appearance at the university.

“Obviously giving a voice to trans people at a Jesuit institution is a big deal,” said Micah Ballard, director of development and finance at St. Louis’ Metro Trans Umbrella Group, according to a report from STL Today. “It’s cool to see them bringing in a very different perspective students aren’t used to.”

Alexandra Leung, president of SLU’s College Republicans, told the paper that “Mulvaney’s message contradicts SLU’s Catholic teachings.”

“Mulvaney’s comments have been deemed disrespectful and derogatory towards women and to SLU’s central mission,” Leung said in a statement.

The report adds, “She said the College Republicans tried to get women’s sports activist Paula Scanlan to come speak the day after Mulvaney’s visit, to balance viewpoints, but was told by the school that security could not accommodate their request.”

In November, Forbes Magazine named Mulvaney on its “30 Under 30 Social Media” list — despite the TikTok star famously tanking the Bud Light brand earlier in the year.

After Bud Light provided Mulvaney with a commemorative can to celebrate one year of “girlhood” in March, conservatives immediately began a boycott — one of the most influential political boycotts of all time.

Anheuser-Bush has lost over $27 billion in market value after partnering with Mulvaney.

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