Trump Team Responds: Latest DOJ Leak on New Batch of Classified Docs Is Nothing-Burger – Trump Team Worked with DOJ Every Step of the Way

Biden’s Justice Department is trying desperately to take down President Trump and destroy the populist movement in America today. Democrats and angry RINOs are with them. They believe the people need to pipe down and get in line.

The regime has nothing on President Trump. And so, just like during the garbage Mueller special counsel where they knew on day one that President Trump had no ties to the Russians, they are leaking junk reports to the fake news again.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is allegedly investigating how classified documents were found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence after the August raid last year.

FBI agents descended on Trump’s Florida residence last summer looking for presidential records lawfully stored at the former president’s home.

Now, according to DOJ leaks to CNN, more documents with classified markings were found in a box among presidential schedules in December, a few months after the summer FBI raid.

The feds are investigating why the box of documents wasn’t given to the DOJ and what ‘Trump’s role’ was in storing the box.

This afternoon The Gateway Pundit reached out to the Trump Team to discuss this latest leak from the deep state to CNN.

According to our source close to the Trump Team the latest report by the three CNN authors is about a document box managed by a receptionist. This is not new news.

The Trump team lawyers worked closely with the DOJ on this faux scandal every step of the way. This is another nothing-burger, something the American public has grown used to.

A second source with the Trump Team also said this was nothing. They heard about it months ago.

It appears the DOJ and Special Counsel Jack Smith is going to play the old Mueller games and slow leak junk reports to the fake news to build public support for their nothing-burger investigation.

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