TV Host Benny Johnson Robbed at Oakland In-N-Out While Shooting on Restaurant’s Closure Due to Rampant Crimes

Credit: Alx/X

Conservative political commentator and YouTuber Benny Johnson and his crew were the victims of theft in the very place they were spotlighting for a documentary on California’s rising crime rates.

The incident occurred on Wednesday as the team was working on a piece about the closure of an In-N-Out Burger location due to rampant robberies.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Oakland, California, is losing their only In-N-Out Burger restaurant due to the city’s ongoing crime problem. The restaurant is profitable, but they can’t deal with the constant armed robberies, car break-ins, and more.

Crime in Oakland has been on the rise for months on end. The city has a Soros-backed DA, Pamela Price, who is currently facing a recall effort.

Johnson’s project aimed to shed light on the alarming trend of rising crime rates in California and their toll on local businesses, including the famed In-N-Out Burger.

Ironically, as Johnson and his team were documenting these very issues, they themselves fell prey to the crime they sought to expose.

“I Just Got ROBBED At In-N-Out Burger,” Johnson lamented on X.

The robbery unfolded in broad daylight, around 2 p.m., catching the crew off-guard. According to Johnson’s producer, ALX, who was in the vehicle at the time, an assailant smashed the car window in an attempt to snatch a bag.

“I was in the car when it happened, the rest of the team was probably about 20 feet away. A car pulled up, someone jumped out, smashed the window and tried to take a bag, I had to rip it from his hands and told him to “f*ck off.” Oakland is a third world country,” Alx wrote.

Royce Chamberlin, who worked as Director of Photograph, revealed it was his belongings that were nearly stolen.

“It was my bag that was nearly stolen! Luckily Alx was there to pry it from the hands of the thief. Almost this exact thing happened last time I was in the area! This is a fallen place…” Chamberlin wrote.

Chamberlin added that it was not the first they got robbed in crime-ridden California.

“I work as the Director of Photography for Benny Johnson. This is NOT the first time we have been Robbed in the Bay Area. Last year, while filming in front of Pelosi’s house with secret service across the street, we were robbed! This place has been ignored and forgotten by the ruling class who “claim” to care about you…” Chamberlin wrote.

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